Tuesday, December 4, 2012


Miduk with his parents in their home

Miduk with his little sister Loisa

Miduk with his grandmother

Linley and Miduk explained the surgery that Miduk had

Miduk and his dad

Miduk's mom came running outside to give him a hug and a kiss!

Miduk is showing off his handiwork with the apron he made

Miduk's father was waiting by the side of the road when they drove into town.  He could not wait to put his hands on his son!  :)

Linley took Miduk to do some shopping before returning to his village.  They purchased a new bicycle for him (an OSU bike! Orange and black!).  Miduk also got a mobile phone so that we can stay in touch with him.

Modeling the apron that he made!

On the way back to his village, Linley and Miduk stopped in to visit one of her patients, Tony, whom she has cared for.  Tony was electrocuted and suffered many burns while trying to install a television antenna on the roof of his mothers house.  He also had to have his right arm amputated.  Miduk comforted Tony and even made him laugh, which was amazing.  He then gave all the rest of his money to Tony's mother to help her with his care. 

Checking into a hotel room with Linley

Tony's mother is overcome with emotion when Miduk slipped her the rest of his money

These are all the final photos I have, photos that Linley sent to me after taking Miduk back to his village.  How I wish I could have been there at his homecoming!  Linley said that Miduk was so surprised and so very happy to see his father squatting beside the main road as they drove into town in the taxi.  He had been waiting a long time for Miduk to arrive. 

Fast forward to today, December 3, 2012.  Just to bring you up to date, since I have not been very good about updating the blog-Miduk is doing well.  He remains at the tailoring school where he lives and learns to sew.  He has only been back home one time to see his family since leaving in August, and that was when his father was involved in a motorcycle accident and was hospitalized for three days.  (Miduk reports that Dad is doing fine now) I talk to Miduk every week or two.  Usually he calls me and hangs up, or texts me and says "Mom you busy", meaning "Call me!".  He can receive our calls but cannot call us due to the expense.  He can text us when he has minutes on his phone card, which isn't very often.  He sounds good and says he is doing well and that he is happy.  Told me he made a pair of jeans!  We sent him a package two weeks ago with fabric in it for him to make some slacks for himself and his father, and of course included a large bag of his favorite "jerky beef"!  Today I put a Christmas package in the mail to him and hope he receives it before Christmas!  I am so glad that he has an address at the school where he can receive packages.  Once he goes back home it will be next to impossible for him to receive any mail since they are in such a rural area where mail is not delivered to them.

I just can't believe that it was this time a year ago that Miduk had just arrived.  I wonder if he thinks about us as often as we think about him?  Our friends in the neighborhood and at church ask about him all the time, and I always make sure to tell him that everybody misses him and that we are praying for his health and happiness and success in the sewing program.  I would love to see him again, and hope that someday soon we can go to Indonesia to visit him or perhaps even bring him back over here for a visit.  :) It's amazing how attached we got to Miduk in six months time. He is and will always be a part of our family!

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  1. That is so cool that Miduk gave Tony's mom the rest of his money to help with Tony's care!! Wow!!!