Wednesday, December 7, 2011


Took this photo of Miduk with our Indonesian Santa

Decorating the Christmas tree

                                                       Finished at last!

Finally put up the Christmas tree in our living room.  It's kind of a two-day project by the time we drag it out of the attic, set it up, replace a few bulbs, fluff all the branches-then we're ready to decorate it!  I have collected ornaments for our kids since they were born, everything from Barney to baseball and Batman, and most recently the ornaments we collected while traveling overseas.  Miduk liked looking at all of the ornaments, especially the photo ornaments of Wes and Kasey when they were young. I'm glad that he and I enjoyed it! Shelby kept getting shocked by all the static in the air, and Kasey kept texting Wesley ("be glad you're not here; Mom is reminiscing about each and every ornament and it's taking forever!") Yep, it was a Norman Rockwell moment for sure.....

Today Miduk and I met Kartika and her son Daniel for lunch at a Vietnamese restaurant in Irving.  It was really good (love that chicken fried rice!).  Miduk ate noodles with meatballs that Kartika recommended, as well as rice and pork.  He brought his appetite!  Kartika is so sweet and brought Miduk a big bag of Indonesian treats. :)  Daniel is a nice boy, 11 years old, and hopefully he and Miduk will get to see one another again soon.

Yesterday morning I let Miduk send a text message to his oldest brother Besli.  We were both surprised when Besli responded right away!  They texted back and forth a few times (in Batak-their dialect) which was cool for Miduk.  Then I made a major faux pas (that would be "fox paws" to my dad, haha) later in the day and accidentally sent a text message to Besli that was intended for my daughter Kasey!  Silly me, this is why I do not text very often.  Miduk and I were at Sam's, killing some time while waiting on our Christmas cards to be printed.  We walked all over the store, sampling food again (he loved the chocolate milk and the bruschetta), looking at all the nice coffee table books, getting a coke at the snack bar - and he SANG or whistled the entire time - the song "Tonight" by Hot Chelle Rae".  Do NOT google that song unless you want it stuck in your head on a continuous loop.  I can't get it out of my head if I wanted to! but in place of the "LA LA LA" he would insert random words like "CA MA RO"(the car) or "ASH BUR TON" (our street name)  It was funny to me but I just let him go.  People just looked at him and smiled.  He was obviously just happy and enjoying the moment!  Too bad we all can't be that happy and uninhibited like he was being.  Anyway I typed a text that said "Miduk is singing his way through Sam's", and instead of sending it to Kasey, it accidentally got sent to Miduk's brother!!!  hahaha who knows what he thought when he woke up this morning and saw that message on his phone!  He did not respond!  Probably thinks I am a crazy woman...

It was freezing today ("Kasey like cold?") and we used the seat heater in my car and Miduk thought that was awesome.  He is now saying AWESOME because I say it a lot, apparently.  I've also heard him try out "oh my gosh" as if he were used to saying it all the time! I told him he was cracking me up because he was watching the popcorn pop in the microwave oven as if it was fascinating, and he got this weird look on his face, trying to figure out what "cracking me up" meant!  I had to use the google translator to explain myself on that one.

We put Sugar's Christmas collar on her this week (surely she is not the only dog with a Christmas collar?).  Miduk said their dog does not wear a collar, does not have tags, and just runs loose.  I bet we saw a thousand of those dogs when we were in Bali. They feed the dog rice.  We went to Petco and bought some assorted dog treats for Sugar - Miduk picked the doggy waffles for her for Christmas! :)

Back to Sam's, I really like the guy at Sam's who has been helping me with my cards.  He has been there a long time and is really helpful so we took him some homemade peanut brittle. I've never really noticed it before or paid much attention, but he walks much the same way that Miduk does, and when he stands still I could see that one foot was noticeably shorter than the other, as if he had a displaced hip perhaps.  I pointed it out to Miduk (discreetly of course!) and said "I think maybe he has a problem with his hip" and Miduk agreed.  It was definitely one of those teachable moments so I proceeded to explain to Miduk how this guy seemingly gets along fine and can hold down a job even though he may be at a disadvantage physically.  Thank you God for putting us in the right place at the right time!  Not only that, the girl behind the counter was chatting it up with Miduk and we learned that she used to have a roommate in college that was from Jakarta Indonesia! 

Last but not least, if you live here locally and see Miduk on a pretty regular basis - please know that I do wash the "Soccer Rules" sweatshirt that he insists on wearing on a daily basis! My mother-in-law got that sweatshirt for him at the thrift store where she volunteers, and he loves it and wants to wear it everyday, everywhere. He has a closet full of clothes and this is his favorite - with cargo pants.  It reminds me of when Wesley was young and went through a phase of wearing this same old baseball tshirt so often, that at times I would "lose it temporarily" just so that he would wear something else! :)  You choose your battles and I'm not choosing this one.

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