Saturday, December 24, 2011


What an incredible day!  Miduk was invited by Ben to come to soccer practice at the high school.  By the time we arrived, practice was about over and players were leaving the field.  Miduk got to go down on the field ("BIG!" he says) and kick the ball around with Ben and his friend Alec for about an hour.  He was not timid at all and I could tell he was really, really having fun running around and kicking the ball with the boys.  It was one of those feel good moments that just warms your heart.  And did I mention it was FREEZING cold?  My friend Pamela (Ben's mom) and I lasted as long as we could, then we all went to lunch at Panda Express.  According to my fortune cookie, I am soon going to inherit a great sum of money.  YIPPEE!  :)

As if playing soccer with the guys wasn't enough, tonight Ben came over to our house and brought Miduk a Christmas present.  His first gift to open!  Just imagine Miduk's excitement when he opened a pair of Adidas soccer shoes!  Shocking yellow and purple!  With a power band from his favorite soccer team, Barcelona! Miduk was clearly touched, and kissed the shoes and put his hand over his heart as if it were beating out of his chest! haha!   Ben had written out a note to Miduk, translated into Bahasa, which Miduk read out loud and then hugged Ben and said "Thank you Santa Ben!" He tried on the shoes (with his Santa Claus Christmas socks on) and they fit perfectly.  So hey, if you see Miduk around town wearing his new soccer shoes, do not be surprised! He may never take them off!  THANK YOU SANTA BEN!  You are so thoughtful!

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