Friday, December 23, 2011


Miduk with the Amaryllis we planted a few weeks ago.  Will it bloom by Christmas?

OK well Miduk noticed that I finally wrapped some gifts and put under the tree.  I casually mentioned that there might be gifts with his name on it, and he was on a mission to find them.  Seriously!  He crawled under the tree and pulled out each and every gift, looked at the name tag, and then shook the gift, smelled it, listened to it, squeezed it, and tried to guess what it was.  He was very persistent!  He told me he does not plan to go to sleep on Christmas Eve at all, because he will be waiting and watching for Santa.  I guess this means we need to leave out some milk and cookies too?

He has decided that he KNOWS what is in this package from Kasey.  He thinks it is a car magazine.  I said "how do you know it's not a coloring book?" to which he replied, "Kasey know I love car magazines!"  (she has brought him a couple from time to time)
And wouldn't you know he guessed right!  We saw a Lamborghini last week parked in a parking lot and he asked me to pull up next to it so he could get a closer look.  Miduk is a car fanatic!  He calls it the "Lambor Genie", haha. 

He is literally DIVING under the tree.  He is relentless!

Betcha can't guess this one!  He is stumped by the round box.

Some of our neighbors came by caroling this evening.  They were so cute and sang really well!  Miduk couldn't figure out why someone would ring the doorbell then stand there and just sing....  This is Mia, Mattie and Trey.

Drove out to look at this tree in a field, covered entirely in white lights!  It was awesome!

My poor attempt to take a photo of Miduk with the white tree in the background.  I am not one for night photography, obviously.

Yesterday Wes took Miduk to see the movie "Sherlock Holmes" which Miduk says he liked and Wesley says Miduk slept thru half of it!  He has been staying up late and getting up early as usual!  This afternoon he went to Christian's house to meet Christian's family and to play video games with his brother Andrew.  He was all smiles when he returned home.

Yesterday we received a Christmas card in the mail addressed to Miduk.  It was from someone we don't even know, someone who has been reading Miduk's blog, a friend of a friend who lives about an hour away from Flower Mound.  She sent the card to Miduk, wishing him a Merry Christmas and included a bible verse for him (my favorite!  Jeremiah 29:11 "For I know the plans I have for you, declared the Lord.  Plans to prosper you and not to harm you.  Plans to give you hope and a future") Miduk was so thrilled that he received some mail addressed to him!  He loves to watch us open up Christmas cards that arrive in the mail every day, so it was neat for him to receive his own card.  And neat that it opened up an opportunity to talk to him about God's plan for his future after he leaves Texas and returns home, that God brought him this far and God will continue to reveal His plans to Miduk.  Then Miduk got out his Indonesian bible and read the verse and bookmarked it.  Which led us to reading the story of the birth of Jesus in our bibles and how we celebrate the occasion with much joy and anticipation. I'm not sure exactly how much Miduk truly understands, but I suspect it is more than I think.  He attends a Catholic church back home in his village of Aek Popo with his mother, although not regularly.  And he is the first person in his family to own a bible, which Linley gave to him when she went to pick him up in Indonesia. He prays out loud at the dinner table in Bahasa for us, which is neat to hear although we don't know exactly what he is saying - but he is saying it with meaning!

So, to the sender of the Christmas card to Miduk, I say THANK YOU!  Thank you for sending the right card at the right time and for making his day!

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