Sunday, December 4, 2011


Crunching acorns on our walk

We put up a Christmas tree in Miduk's bedroom

He decorated it all by himself!

Helping Dad hang wreaths on the windows

Making angel ornaments at the Advent Festival at church

I think Miduk is enjoying all the Christmas preparations.  He especially liked setting up a Christmas tree in his bedroom this weekend, and loaded it up with lights and ornaments.
Instead of leaving his lamp on when he went to bed, he left the Christmas tree lights on instead.  I walked into his room one time to find him laying on the floor, just staring at the tree.  I used to do the exact same thing when I was young!  (Okay I still do it...) Just put your pj's on, wrap up in a blanket, turn out all the lights, and fall asleep looking at the tree.  It's a peaceful feeling!!!  :)  The other day while driving around we spotted a car with those silly reindeer antlers attached to the car and Miduk thought that was hilarious!  He helped Shelby yesterday by holding the ladder while Shelby hung some Christmas wreaths on the windows of our house.  Of course Shelby waited for the coldest rainiest day to do it!  That's not child labor, is it? Where's Wesley when you need him?  Oh yes, he was at OSU storming the field after the bedlam game against OU!!!  What a game!  We watched it on TV, and after it started, Miduk realized he didn't have his orange shirt on and ran to change. haha!  He's got the hand wave and "Orange Power" down pat!

Kasey had her wisdom teeth removed on Friday morning and Miduk went with us. He was concerned about Kasey and wrote in his journal about her from what I could tell, and we said a prayer for her.  When we went into the recovery room to see Kasey, she was still pretty high on the drugs they had given her and was saying some hilarious things.  "WOW, wow, wow! I LOVE Christmas! I LOVE you Mom!  I LOVE you Miduk!"  He keeps teasing her about it now.

Let's see, what else?  I've been sick for the past three days with a bad cold so gargling with salt water (my dad made me do that growing up and I hate to admit it but it does help with sore throats!)  I asked Miduk what he does in Indonesia when he gets a sore throat and he typed into the translator "acid with water and sugar" but pointed to an orange so I'm guessing he means orange juice?  (darn that google translator)

We spent over an hour searching for his village (Aek Popo) on Google Earth.  Google Earth is pretty awesome!  If you haven't ever done it, trying finding your house!  Aek Popo didn't make the map, but we started in Medan (a few hours away from his village) and moved the cursor north and west and he was getting so excited!  We zoomed in on another village that was familiar to him and he knew the name of the road.  That was so cool!

As I've mentioned before, Miduk is an early riser.  Like really early.  Every morning I ask him how he slept and he will tell me what time he woke up and whether or not he was able to go back to sleep.  Sometimes he wakes up at 3:00 or 4:00am!  If he can't go back to sleep he usually reads or does a word search or writes in his journal.  By the time I get up, he is usally already dressed and has made his bed.  I have never had to ask him to make his bed! Ever!  Wondering if he could rub off on my kids???  He feeds Sugar every morning and gives her fresh water.  If I am unloading the dishwasher, he helps by putting away the silverware. Then he pops two Eggo waffles in the toaster and gets out the butter and syrup and some milk.  He's pretty self sufficient! And he's usually ready to walk by 7:30, which is way too early and way too cold for me!   I am still trying to open my eyes!  haha  One morning I made homemade waffles and he wasn't so sure he would like them because they were not Eggos. But after tasting them, he gave me a thumbs up! :)  Usually if he is not sure about something he will say "Kasey like?"  He always wants to know if Kasey likes something, from food to a song on the radio.  Sometimes if a pop song comes on the radio he says rather emphatically, "Kasey LIKE!"  He shares her taste in music and I find myself switching the car radio stations back and forth all the time.  He gets bored with my easy listening and Christian music, and I can only stand so much of all the techno stuff!  His current favorite seems to be "Party Rock is in the House Tonight" (alright kids, am I saying that right?) which if I listen to that more than once in a day, I cannot get it out of my head!

Miduk also has been playing his version of "hide and go seek" lately which is not a fun game for us Waychoffs.  He just disappears and doesn't respond when we call for him, which means we usually go looking for him and by the time we find him we are not happy campers.  He did this last week when Kasey was home with him (I had gone to the grocery store) and she called me panicking to say she couldn't find Miduk! One night at bedtime I couldn't find him and he was in his closet playing with a flashlight.  So we have had a talk with him about not hiding from us because it scares us when we cannot find him!

This morning before church we let Miduk call his mother for the first time.  We tried repeatedly yesterday but for some reason couldn't get thru.  She has a handphone but I don't know how good her service is since she is in a very remote area. And of course we have to factor in the 13 hour time difference!  He called her at 8:15 Sunday morning which was 9:15PM Sunday night for her.  It was so cute to watch him talk to her!  He was very animated and smiling and happy, and I heard him mention Sugar a time or two.  I would have loved to know what he was saying about life in America!  Probably that we are obsessed with American football...  We let him talk about 10 or 12 minutes and he was so happy.  He told me that his mother didn't know it was him at first!

After church Shelby took Miduk with him and they went to get haircuts.  I wasn't there but Shelby said Miduk acted kind of scared.  I know he has had haircuts before.  Maybe he was afraid they were going to shave his head?  I don't know!  But it looks really nice and not too short. Then Shelby took him to Bass Pro Shops and they looked around and also did the shooting gallery game, came home and made "Pigs in a blanket" which I had to explain to Miduk: sausage in a roll!  He was like "a pig in a blanket?" hahahaha

I was making a smoothie for Kasey and asked if he wanted to try it and he replied, "Smoothie?  I don't know smoothie".  He was a good sport and tasted it but did not like it! 

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