Monday, April 9, 2012


Fishing at Lake Lewisville with Darin

Wes and Miduk at the car show checking out a Lamborghini.
(uh yes, Wes broke his arm last week)

Easter Weekend with the whole family at home!!!

Don't get that cast wet, Wes!  :)

Catch of the day!  A catfish!

Shelby and Miduk with the hybrid that Miduk caught

Checking out a Porsche

Miduk with his favorite - a black Lamborghini!
(lambor-genie says Miduk)

Last Thursday Shelby took the day off, and he and Miduk went fishing with Darin on Lake Lewisville.  Miduk loves to fish and caught a big catfish and a hybrid.  He also discovered that he loves beef jerky ("jerky beef") and pistachios!  He has been fishing down at the neighborhood pond nearly every day, sometimes going down there 4 or 5 times a day.  Luckily he doesn't throw the fish into my swimming pool anymore!  Wes came home Friday for the Easter holiday and it was so great having him home.  Miduk and Wes spent some time at the pond, watching TV (Wes can't play XBOX since he dislocated his elbow), went to a car show.  On Friday night Miduk got a real treat, as he was invited by Ben to go to the Manchester United/Everton soccer exhibition match that was in town.  He was SO excited about seeing a professional team play on a BIG field!  And he enjoyed hanging out with Ben's soccer teammates that he has come to know - Mitchell, Alex, and Jackson.  Thanks, guys, for making Miduk's day!  Week!  Month!  

Miduk weighed 87 lbs on Easter Sunday.  When he arrived, he weighed in at 75 lbs.  He is definitely bigger and stronger!  He has been doing pushups and situps.  He can even do "handstand" pushups against the bedroom wall! I'm impressed!

Kasey has been helping Miduk to set up an email account so that we can all email him when he returns home.  He doesn't have a computer, but can use one at the internet cafe occasionally.  His email address is:  Please feel free to email him!  He could use the practice opening and responding to emails!  :)

Got some Axe Body Spray (deodorant) for Miduk to use.  All this time I just assumed he knew how to use it.  But then I saw him spraying his armpit AFTER he put on his shirt!  :)

We got a ball pumper (that sounds weird but I don't know what else to call it) for Miduk to take home with him, to keep his soccer ball inflated.  In Indonesia he does not have a soccer ball, but someone in the village does.  He said that when their ball gets deflated and needs more air, they take it to some kid who charges them $2 for air!  So Shelby told Miduk, now YOU can charge that kid $2 when he needs air!  And Miduk said no, Dad, not $2 - I charge him $5!  :)

Miduk told me that at mealtime in his home, they fill their plates in a certain order:  first Dad, then Mom, then the boys in the family by age, then last his little sister.  You do not go out of order!

When we went to Tulsa last weekend we stayed at my in-laws house.  Marlene had a pot of shamrocks setting on her back porch for St. Patrick's Day.  It was evening when we arrived, so the shamrocks were closed up for the night.  I saw Miduk lean over and I thought he was smelling them, but next thing I knew, he was eating them!  Yep he just took a bite and started chewing!  I questioned did he even know what that plant was, and he assured me they have those in his village (really?) and just to prove his point, he ate another mouthful.  You should have seen the look on mine and Marlene's face!  I promise we do feed him!  Just check the scales!!!

Miduk told us that when he was sick, his hair fell out.  In order to get his hair to grow, his mother made him some worm soup which he drank (says it tastes like coffee!) and then his hair grew back. 

Last week Miduk had a very exhausting trip to the dentist to fill four cavities on the left side of his mouth, one of which was very deep and we are praying will not give him any more trouble. 

Lately Miduk has been saying "I am American now!" when he sleeps in (8:00 to 8:30ish), and when he takes long showers.

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