Sunday, April 22, 2012


Miduk and I went bowling with Tim again!  This time I was able to redeem myself, ha!  Miduk is able to throw an 8 lb ball pretty easily and scored a 91 today using the bumpers.  :)

Every Wednesday morning we stop by the donut shop before bible study.  Miduk loves sausage rolls!  This is our friend who owns the donut shop and is always so sweet and encouraging to Miduk.

Miduk with our dentist, Dr. McClellan.  He is actually all smiles today, as this was the last of three appointments to fill a mouthful of cavities.

Miduk has been fishing every single day.  Several times a day in fact!  On Friday afternoon Miduk and Ben went to a couple of ponds in our neighborhood and caught some bass and sunfish.  Shelby and Miduk love to go to Bass Pro Shop together!  They have put together a tackle box for Miduk to take back to Indonesia, along with a fishing pole that we hope will fit into his suitcase!

This is Justin and Sam, two very sweet and thoughtful boys who came over to wish Miduk well.  They brought him some car magazines to read on his return flight home, and some beef jerky to enjoy along the way.  My friend Lori is their nanny and is an amazing person!  Justin and Sam are so lucky to have her.  :) 

Miduk getting (or giving?) his daily love from Sugar.  Sugar is sure going to miss Miduk, and Miduk has grown so attached to Sugar too.

Long time no write!  Just keeping busy keeping busy!  We went to Mooyahs for burgers and bowling again with Tim, which is always fun.  Miduk enjoys the friendly competition with Tim.  He doesn't even mind wearing the attractive bowling shoes!  This time Miduk kissed the bowling ball for good luck (he sometimes kisses things he likes). 

There was an 8.6 earthquake off the island of Sumatra in Indonesia, which is Miduk's island.  It struck off the west coast, and Miduk's village of Aek Popo is north central. This is the same place where the tragic tsunami occured in December 2004. Fortunately it was not a disaster this time!

Miduk talked with his mother and brother on the phone again.  He gets so excited talking with his brother and all I could understand was "Lamborghini, Ferrari", and many other car names.

Lately Miduk has been wanting to change the gears for me when I drive!  He asks if he can put it in Reverse or Drive.  Then he "drives" with his imaginary steering wheel.  :)

Miduk is anticipating his return to Indonesia with mixed emotions, as we are too.  He told me his heart hurts to think about leaving.  We talk A LOT, all day, every day, about going home and about his future.  My heart hurts too.

Miduk was telling us one night about playing football with some boys down at the pond.  He said he made a touchdown and Shelby said "That's my boy!", to which Miduk replied, "Dad you making me cry".  He has been very close to Shelby these days, mostly fishing together and also going to Shelby's church softball games.  They do their secret handshake which looks something like a fish flopping out of water.  :)

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