Sunday, April 29, 2012


Last week Miduk was invited by Austen and Peggy Fritz to go to Founders Plaza in Grapevine and watch the planes take off and land from DFW Int'l Airport. This week, Austen came over to play video games and to go fishing with Miduk.  Austen is a great kid, easy going and laid back, and I know that is what Miduk likes about him.  :)

This is the Hammonds family, aka Best Neighbors Ever!  They live across the street and have spent a great deal of time with Miduk the past six months.  In fact, Pamela, Brian, Ben and Mia came over the first night Miduk arrived to welcome him to the neighborhood.   When I can't find Miduk (ok I really do keep pretty close tabs on him!), he is always at the Hammonds house, playing basketball or hanging out with Ben, or climbing trees with Mia, or playing with their new dog Kermit.  Brian and Pamela have taken Miduk to a lot of soccer games, and Miduk has enjoyed eating lots of Pamela's yummy homemade cupcakes!  I know Miduk is going to have a hard time saying goodbye to the Hammonds, especially to Ben. 

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