Sunday, April 29, 2012


I told Miduk that I would take him to another movie before he goes back home, and he picked The Three Stooges.  Woop woop woop!  I personally am not a big fan of Curly, Mo and Larry, and was anticipating a great nap in the dark movie theater.....but Miduk, on the other hand, LOVES the three Stooges and laughed hysterically.  He told me I might have to take him to the hospital because his stomach hurt so much from laughing!  :)

Got one last haircut at SuperCuts with his favorite stylist Ashley.  She is so nice and has been great to Miduk.  His hair was getting long and he was wanting a mohawk, but I told him not on my watch!  He can do the mohawk thing when he gets back home if his mother allows it.....

We went to a concert with Aunt Kelly at her church in Coppell on Saturday night.  Check out; she is amazing!

Another one of Miduk's favorite places, Blockbuster Video!  We go here on a weekly basis (sometimes more often) to rent games and movies.

Our last Sunday morning church service at Creekwood Christian Church.  Everyone at our church has been so friendly to Miduk and really really made him feel at home.  That's one of the things that makes our church so special.  There's no doubt in my mind that Miduk will remember Sunday mornings at Creekwood when he returns home.  Today we lifted Miduk up in prayer as he returns home this week, which was bittersweet.

Trying out his new rod and reel that he will be taking back to Indonesia.  Shelby surprised him with two rods/reels, saying it's always more fun when you have a friend to fish with.  Can you see Sugar in the water swimming after the lure?  haha

OK well our intentions were good but our follow-through not so good..... remember the fleece blankets we made this winter?  Well we finished almost a dozen of them and put them in a closet and forgot about them.  Now that summer is almost here, I remembered that we never gave them away!  My bad, as the teenagers always say.  But it's never too late, so Miduk and I drove to Garland and delivered our blankets to the children at Jonathans Place.  I know they will love a warm blanket when the weather turns cold again!

Miduk is holding the crucifix that he received from Orbie

You are looking at a Catholic crucifix that was given to Miduk by my friend Orbie.  This particular crucifix has been in her family for over 100 years!  Orbie and Miduk have a special bond, and Orbie generously gave her crucifix to Miduk to take back with him to Indonesia.  He will hang it on his wall at home, and it will go wherever he goes and be passed down to his children and grandchildren in the future.  What a neat story that will be, for him to tell his children and grandchildren someday about his trip to America and the special lady in his bible study class who felt compelled to give him one of her family treasures.  I am in awe of Orbie's generous and thoughtful gift, and have never met anyone with a heart as big as hers. 

Miduk and Orbie

Miduk has had a busy week.  We are trying to do all the things he likes to do, and eat all his favorite foods.  This week he has requested lasagna and chili and a double meat/double cheeseburger at Whataburger!  He is fishing every chance he gets and we have even driven to some different ponds so that he can fish. 

This week in bible study we had some new ladies join our group, so we all went around the circle to introduce ourselves and tell a little about ourselves - name, children/grandchildren, etc.  I wasn't sure Miduk was going to do it by himself, but once again he surprised me!  When it was his turn, he said "Hi I'm Miduk and I'm from Indonesia.  I stay with Mom Tracy and Dad Shelby and go to  doctor.  I don't have any kids yet because I am not married yet!" hahaha

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