Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We have been keeping busy the past couple of days.  Yesterday we planted paperwhite and amaryllis bulbs in some red pots and put them in a sunny spot in Miduk's room.  These flowers grow so quickly you can almost watch them grow before your very eyes!  It will be fun to watch their growth over the next month.  We took a long walk yesterday morning. I asked Miduk if he wanted to go on a short walk or a long walk.  He spread his arms out wide and said a LONG walk!  Sugar and I walked with Miduk for about an hour until we were just plain walked out.  He loves to drive his scooter over all the fallen acorns and hear them crunch.  We made a chocolate cake that my mother used to make when I was growing up, called a "crazy cake".  Yep, that's the name of it!  Miduk thought that was pretty crazy!  I still had some cocoa powder that I had bought the last time we were in Bali so it was fun to make the cake using Indonesian cocoa!  YUM!  Over lunch I attempted to bring up the subject of future plans for Miduk, and told him that whether his hip was healed or not, that I think God has some special plans for his life.  We don't know what they are right now, but I am just sure God will use this experience for something good for Miduk.  He became very quiet and once again had tears in his eyes so I had to quit because I was getting a huge lump in my throat!  I just don't want him to feel like he failed his family if he comes back home in the same physical condition as when he left.  No doubt he will not be the same child as he was when he left!  He has seen so much and experienced so much already, and life will not be the same for him.  It's important that we build his confidence and work on his self-esteem in the meantime.  And give him hope for his future.

Took Miduk to the library for the first time.  He didn't know what a library was.  We picked a few Dr. Suess books to start with (Green Eggs and Ham), and he actually did pretty well sounding out the words and reading them!  I was impressed!  He ended up checking out a few beginning reader books about soccer.  Then we stopped at a Christmas tree lot so he could smell a live Christmas tree since ours is artificial.  :)

Miduk ate some microwave popcorn tonight and pronounced it good!

Today was trash pick-up day in our neighborhood.  A neighbor had set a television out on the curb(one of those big old ones) and as we walked past it, he kept turning and staring at it.  Can't you just imagine what he was thinking?  That we put TV sets out with the trash?  I felt compelled to tell him that it was probably broken.  I bet he thinks Americans are so spoiled...

Kept up the weekly ritual of stopping at the donut shop before bible study-sausage rolls for Miduk, and donuts for me!  I sent out an email to my bible study group last night asking if anyone had any DVD's we could borrow for Miduk to watch while he is here.  After we got to church and sat down in our classroom, the DVD's began to pile up!  My friends brought so many movies and sat the bags down right at his feet.  He was so happy and smiling, and then the movies kept coming and I think he was overwhelmed because he held his head in his hands again and looked like he might cry!  Happy tears!  We brought home almost 50 DVD's, no kidding!  That will help to keep him entertained when it's cold outside and he has to stay indoors!!!  Thank you to all my wonderful friends!  I must say, he spent a lot of time in front of the TV today!  :)  In bible study we talked about hope, and I used the translator on my phone to ask Miduk "what do you hope for?" and his reply:  "I wish I could squat".  I wish he could too.

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