Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Miduk loves kicking the soccer ball on the side of our house with his new soccer shoes!

Miduk tells me that in Indonesia, he and his friends play soccer barefoot.  He loves wearing his new shoes from Ben!

Helping Dad prepare the ribs to grill.  Miduk likes helping out at dinnertime!

Day 2 wearing the body cast is not fun

Time to take down Miduk's Christmas tree

This is his "cast" that he started wearing on January 1.  It is definitely uncomfortable for him to wear, especially to sit.  He has to sit on the edge of a chair, or to stretch out in almost a reclining position.  He tells us that it's hot so we let him take it off periodically. Good thing it's not summertime!  He doesn't wear it when he sleeps.  It's just a way to simulate to Miduk the restrictions he would experience IF he were to have the hip fusion surgery.  The first day he wore it he kept saying, kind of jokingly, "Help me Jesus!"

Fired up for the OSU bowl game! He loves this knit caps and wears it all the time, probably because it's his favorite color-black!  He would wear it 24/7 if I would let him...

The amaryllis finally bloomed in time for New Years!

Celebrating OSU's victory over Stanford in the Tostitos Bowl  :)  Wes went to a friend's house to watch the game, and Miduk wasn't too happy about it.  He said to Wes, "You not home.  Why?"  He doesn't like it when both Wes and Kasey are gone at the same time.  One day this week Wes and Ben took Miduk bowling again.  This was his third time to bowl!  Wes and Kasey also attempted to take him to ride go-karts and play putt-putt but Miduk wasn't interested.  Go figure!

Kaitlyn and Kasey watching YouTube videos with Miduk

During the holidays Miduk watched a lot of YouTube videos, including Flash Mobs and many many versions of the Hallelujah Chorus.  He also loves watching the Chipmunks sing all the pop songs!  Every day on our walk he would randomly start singing Hallelujah! Loud! :)  I love that he doesn't care who is listening.

Miduk climbing a neighbors tree - check out his new soccer shoes!

This is the funniest video.  Miduk was rocking out to some of his favorite Indonesian songs on YouTube and showing them to Kasey and Kaitlyn.  He has a toothpick in his mouth in case you're wondering!  :)  Just click the "Play" button and turn up your volume!

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