Sunday, January 15, 2012


Miduk reluctantly agreed to play bunco with us because we needed one more player.  He told me he would play for only ten minutes.  Then my friend Lori showed him the basket of money that was to be awarded to the winners, and Miduk quickly became serious about rolling the dice! haha  He played all three rounds with us, and the girls were so great about helping him and we all had a great time!

I had a snowman theme going for bunco tonight, and whomever rolled a bunco had to wear a headband with snowmen on it!

OK, guess who won $10 at the end of the night?????
Not to mention, my friend Lori slipped him the $5 she won, too.  :)

My Flower Mound Bunco Babes and Miduk!

Miduk's buzzword of the week was LASAGNA, with the "Z" sound strongly emphasized.  :)  I hosted bunco in my home this week and took Miduk grocery shopping with me for ingredients to make lasagna.  He was pretty curious about what lasagna was going to taste like, and kept saying "Lazzzzagna!" for three days in a row.  As it turned out, he loved the lasagna and had two huge helpings! 

One afternoon this week, Miduk and I were out walking Sugar in the neighborhood and a car was driving towards us.  The driver waved a friendly wave and Miduk asked who it was.  I told him I didn't know, that in America (well in Texas at least) people wave to other people they don't know because we are friendly.  He was so surprised by that!
He said if he doesn't know someone walking past him in his village that he doesn't say anything and neither do they, so I challenged him to be the one to initiate kindness and say hello or wave or whatever is appropriate in his village.  If everyone would do that, the world would be a much nicer place!  One morning we heard a dog barking behind a wooden fence, and Miduk peeked into the backyard and said, "Big like horse, Mom!"  He also calls Chihuahua dogs "CHE WHOOA WHOOA"! 

One day Kasey and Miduk and I were sitting at Chick-Fil-A, and out of the blue he said "My hair is like trash!" haha it didn't really look bad, but I have noticed that lately he has been wetting his hair in the morning (he showers at night) and kind of spiking the front.  If I try to touch it, he moves his head around so I can't reach it, much like Wesley used to do in middle school! :)

Well the buzzword of the week may have been lasagna, but the song of the week was most definitely "I GOT A FEELING" by the Black Eyed Peas.  He randomly sings it on our walks, at home, in the stores, anywhere and everywhere.  "I got a feeling, that tonight's gonna be a good night, that tonight's gonna be a good good night"  I have that song on my Ipod so it's getting a lot of play this week!

Have I mentioned that Miduk wrote his Christmas thank you notes in Bahasa?

Miduk's English is really improving every day.  He understands it more than he actually speaks it, but he is speaking it well enough to get his point across.  I haven't had to use the translator in several weeks, unless he really doesn't understand what I'm saying, or if it's something really important that I want to make sure he understands. In the Bahasa language the same word is used for "he" and "she".  We found that out because Miduk constantly calls everyone "He", even the girls.  Referring to Kasey, Miduk says "Kasey work today?  When he come home?"  We are trying to correct him and explain the difference between "he" and "she".  Kartika told us that in the Bahasa language, there is no verb tense.  Instead of saying "I went to school yesterday", or "I will go to school tomorrow", they use the present tense "I go to school" and then simply add "yesterday" for past tense, as in "I go to school yesterday"; or "tomorrow" for future tense, as in "I go to school tomorrow".

Miduk had a "play date" on Friday (do 16 year olds have playdates?).  My friend Peggy in the book club I am in has a son Austen who is also 16 years old and a sophomore in high school.  Austen is a great kid and came over to meet Miduk and they played video games upstairs for two hours.  I could hear Miduk laughing and having the best time with Austen.  It was like Wes was home again!  Austen was really good with Miduk and very interactive.  Just goes to show you, you don't have to speak the same language to have fun together!  :) 

One day last week Kasey was really really sick.  She had thrown up all night long and by morning was so weak she couldn't even walk downstairs by herself.  Fortunately Shelby was home to help me get her in the backseat of my car, and Miduk and I took her to the doctor where she nearly passed out and had to lay down in the hallway of the doctors office.  Miduk was so concerned and very helpful, and did his best to entertain himself.  Four hours and two IV's later, we took her home where he insisted on walking her upstairs to her room and making sure she was okay.  "Kasey okay Mom?"  Yes, she is now, thank goodness!

OK so I don't know how much of this is actually true, but this past week at the dinner table Miduk told us he eats worms, crickets and spiders back home.  I tried not to do the freakout since there is a really good chance that what he is telling me is true. He said his brother fries them and says the worms "taste like egg, Mom!"  At this point I insisted on using the translator on the laptop and googling "Eating insects".  There are videos of people eating insects on YouTube if you are interested in watching. (although I don't recommend it!)  It reminded me of our housebuilding trip to Cambodia, where we saw baskets full of insects for sale in the markets.  Including cockroaches.  Yes, cockroaches.  Is it a coincidence that this is the night Kasey threw up all night????? haha

Can't remember if I've mentioned it, but Miduk found out the hard way what "brain freeze" is after eating ice cream too fast.  :)  He was jumping around and hitting himself on the top of his head.....

And last but not least, the other thing we don't think twice about but was curious to Miduk:  Every morning when we leave for our walk with Sugar, we go out through the garage door so that we can get his mobility scooter, which is in the garage.  He drives it out of the garage onto the driveway, Sugar follows him, and then I push the button to put the garage door down. I run and jump out onto the driveway, trying to avoid tripping the sensor which makes the garage door go back up again.  I've been doing this every single morning for over two months now with Miduk sitting in his scooter, waiting for me and watching as I leap through the air none too gracefully.  Seems like half the time I get lucky and avoid tripping the sensor, but many times I have to back up and do it again, and again, and again.  (OK it's really hard to leap thru the air with two coats, a hat, scarf and mittens on, trust me!) Finally he asked me what in the world I was doing, and it never dawned on me to explain it!  He probably thought I was just being silly!  haha

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