Friday, January 27, 2012


Check out that form!  :)

Miduk picked up a lot of spares

Scoreboard after first game:  Miduk 117, Tim 106, Tracy 100

Scoreboard after second game: Miduk 121, Tim 106, Tracy 91

Miduk reading an Indonesian comic book.  He likes to lay on the floor in his bedroom where the sun comes shining in

Miduk and I went to Sprouts to check out all the produce.  We picked nine different varieties of apples for a taste test.  While we all were watching American Idol, I sliced each one and we all gave each apple a thumbs up, thumbs down, or so-so.  Overall the favorite was the Fuji apple, Red Delicious(Miduk's favorite), and Honeycrisp.  Red Rome and Golden Delicious were our least favorite!  Miduk tells me they have "Indonesian Idol" back home!  And back to apples - I nearly sliced the end of my thumb off today while cutting apple slices with a paring knife.  Shelby recently got a new electric knife sharpener at the gun show, and has sharpened every single knife and every pair of scissors in our house!  It made me so dizzy I nearly fainted and Miduk couldn't figure out what was wrong with me!  Good thing it wasn't my bowling hand, huh?

Goofing around at Kohl's and trying on a "suit"!

I had forgotten just how attractive bowling shoes are!

On Wednesday afternoon, Miduk's favorite soccer team Barcelona played Real Madrid and it was on ESPN3 online.  Thanks to a tip from Wesley, we were ready and waiting at 2:55pm for the game to start.  Miduk was SO excited and yelling for his team!  I could hear him shouting all the way out in the garage! haha 

Miduk picked out this shirt at Kohl's today and told me he wanted to wear it to the dance show tonight with Kasey.  Some of her friends are in the Rosettes, the Flower Mound drill team, and have become friends with Miduk.  As they came out onto the dance floor to perform, Miduk said, "HELL-O,  LADIES!  Those are my girls!" hahaha

Miduk selected an 8 pound ball.  Love that orange color!

Miduk and I went bowling this morning with our friend Tim.  Tim is a friend from church whom I have known for a long time, and he is the one who accompanied Kasey and I to the airport to welcome Miduk when he arrived in November.  Tim is also in the Wednesday morning Bible Study group, and was glad when Miduk came along because he was the only male in the class!  We had lunch with Tim at Dickey's BBQ on Wednesday after our class, and Miduk devoured an entire plate of smoked sausage, mac and cheese, and mashed potatoes. He never leaves anything on his plate!  I think Miduk relates well to Tim because Tim is hemiplegic, meaning he has some paralysis that affects one side of his body. He has had his share of challenges the past few years and has such an amazing outlook on life! Tim is very outgoing, funny, laidback, and fun to be around.  One of those people whose glass is always full.  I can see why Miduk would enjoy his company!  He is a great role model and doesn't fret about his physical limitations.  Rather, he talks about how blessed he is and what a great life he has.  Miduk and I talked about that on our way to the bowling alley.  I pointed out that Tim is happy because he has a good attitude and a positive way at looking at life, in spite of his injury.  I told Miduk he could be that way, too-he can decide to overcome his physical limitations and live a happy life like Tim, or he can choose to dwell on his displaced hip and be miserable. That it's a choice only he can make.  I am just so thankful for Tim and his positive example for Miduk, and I know God is definitely to thank for planning that out! Anyway, we decided to bowl using the bumpers on the lanes today, and good thing we did!  I am embarassed to report that I was beat by both Tim and Miduk in both games!  Miduk was really on fire with picking up the spares.  And Tim even threw a strike without the ball ever even touching the bumpers!  Yep, they both put me to shame....and I don't have any excuses!

Yesterday it was cold and rainy so I made chili for dinner, one of Miduk's favorites.  When I commented that it was "chilly" outside, he was so confused!!!! hahaha

We went to Lowe's looking for a Lazy Suzan for my dining table.  Miduk was like, What?  Lazy who?  We know two Susan's and neither one of them is lazy!  :)

And for those of you who asked, YES they finally repaired the leak under our house and put back the mountain of dirt on the side of our house.  Yippee!  :)

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