Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I know I've mentioned before in a previous post that Miduk loves cars.  Let me just say, MIDUK LOVES CARS!!!!!!  He notices every single car on the road.  Today we were stopped at an intersection and while I was daydreaming about my to-do list, he was getting so excited watching all the cars cross through the intersection.  He identifies most of them, and either says "I LIKE", "I NO LIKE", or "I LOVE!"  After running several errands today, he had noticed quite a few Mustangs (one of his favorite cars) and he shouted, "Oooh, Oooh, AMERICA! Mustang! Mustang! Oh My Goodness, 7 Mustang 1 Day!"  He also calls Kasey's car a "Grand Pricks", haha she drives a Pontiac Grand Prix.  :)  He's not crazy about Kasey's car.  Wes drives a Dodge Charger and Miduk definitely approves. 

Miduk's latest favorite thing is the heated mattress pad on his bed.  He turns it on at night before going to bed and says "I LOVE!".   I love mine, too!

I bought a used Nintendo DS and a couple of games from a friend for Miduk for Christmas. Yesterday Wes took Miduk to Gamestop to buy a game for his Nintendo DS.  He was so excited to spend his Christmas dollars on the Call of Duty game!  He also loves playing the XBox that Wesley brought home from college, and will probably be disappointed when both Wesley and his XBox return to Stillwater this weekend.

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