Monday, February 6, 2012


Shelby's fishing buddy Darin teaching Miduk how to use a rod and reel. Miduk caught on quickly, and was very serious about his fishing!  In Indonesia Miduk uses a bamboo pole with string tied to it as his fishing pole.  When he gets a bite, he yanks the fish out of the water, sometimes over his head!  He had to learn how to reel in slowly and get the slack out of the line before setting the hook.

They caught Redfish, Black Drum, and Sea Trout.  Shelby and Darin usually catch and release, but Miduk wouldn't hear of it!  He insisted on keeping nearly all of the fish they caught and bringing them home. 

Miduk caught not only the biggest fish of the day, but the most fish caught too!
Shelby said he was all smiles and fished until the sun went down.

On Friday morning, Shelby and Miduk got up at 5:00am to head to the Texas gulf coast to do some fishing with Shelby's friend Darin.  Miduk was so excited, as he loves to fish and has been wanting to fish ever since he arrived.  Unfortunately the fish in the Flower Mound ponds aren't biting this time of year, but down on the coast they caught a fish with almost every cast!  It was a great time for Miduk to hang out with Shelby and Darin.  He came back singing a new song that they taught him - a country song called "Red Solo Cup"! Add to that the excitement of staying in a hotel - only his second time ever to stay in a hotel and he was really looking forward to it.  :)  I will post more fishing photos when I get them.

Last week while on our morning walk, out of the blue Miduk said "I miss Christmas, Mom".  When I asked him what he missed about Christmas (was it the Christmas tree? the music? the decorations? the food or gifts?) he surprised me by saying that he missed the party at Aunt Kelly's house.  I guess that made a real impact on him, a family Christmas with lots of fun and laughing and playing games and just being together.  It made me feel good to know that he has a happy Christmas memory for his memory bank. :)

We were talking about Miduk's family and I mentioned that he has four brothers and one sister.  He corrected me, saying "I have FIVE brothers, Mom".  Wesley is my brother now too.  :)

Thursday night Miduk was invited to the Flower Mound varsity soccer team dinner which was at my friend Pamela's house.  He was shy about going, but Pamela's husband Brian came over to get him (yay Brian!)  Miduk had fun hanging out with the boys and playing FIFA Soccer on the Playstation.

Thursday was also our appointment with the doctors at Scottish Rite to determine if there were any other options for Miduk other than the hip fusion surgery, which we decided against.  Dr. Birch recommended a surgery in which he will put a "plate" of some sort in Miduk's GOOD knee to seal off the growth plates, thereby giving the bad leg an opportunity to "catch up" in growth over time.  They have determined that he has roughly two more years of growth left, and hopefully in that time the shorter leg is expected to grow another half inch.  This obviously won't repair his dislocated hip, but should make it easier and more comfortable for him to get around.  He is currently wearing an orthotic lift in his shoe that Scottish Rite made for him back in December, and he likes it and reports that it makes a difference for him.  Lucky for us they were able to get Miduk in for surgery this Wednesday, Feb 8th.  We will go in for his pre-op tomorrow, then check him in at 5:00am Wednesday morning for a 7:00am surgery. We anticipate a one night stay in the hospital, and I will stay overnight with him.  Please keep Miduk in your prayers for a successful surgery, especially since the surgery is on his good leg!

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