Monday, February 20, 2012


We got a little teaser with a light snowfall one night last week.  I received a couple of text messages informing me that it was snowing (I didn't even know!) so that Miduk could run outside and see it coming down.  Here he is outside on the patio (barefoot of course!) watching the snow come down.  Unfortunately it didn't last long, but he was pretty excited anyway.  :)

Miduk in his new soccer jersey!  My friends Kelly and Amy Schneider gave this soccer jersey to Miduk.  It is his favorite player, MESSI, from his favorite soccer team, Barcelona! Kelly is a huge soccer fan and has a lot of soccer collectibles which he showed Miduk the last time we visited their house.   Miduk LOVES the jersey!  I can see that it might become his new favorite thing to wear all the time..... haha

Miduk went for his post-op checkup last Thursday and everything went great.  The bandage was removed and Dr. Birch was very pleased with Miduk's progress.  The knee is swollen but that's to be expected.  His stitches should dissolve or fall out on their own.  We met with the physical therapist who gave us a list of exercises to strenthen the knee and help him with flexibility, as right now he cannot bend it very far (also to be expected).  He does these exercises two to three times a day, and has made a lot of progress!  He is able to bend his knee a bit more and also can get around easier with his crutch.  The best part is that he can now take a shower again!  :)  haha  We will go back to see Dr. Birch again on March 22 for follow-up and x-rays.

Last week Miduk and I were driving in the car and out of the blue he said "Every night I pray for God to make two Miduks.  One to live in Dallas and one to live in Indonesia."  He is really struggling lately knowing that his return back to his village is inevitable.  Some days I truly think he is ready to go back and some days I sense that he wants to stay here as long as he can. 

His new favorite song is "What Doesn't Kill You Makes You Stronger" by Kelly Clarkson.  Lots of good conversation coming from that!

On Valentine's Day Kasey offered to stay home with Miduk so that Shelby and I could go out on a date by ourselves.  Kasey's valentine is in California, but sent her some flowers and candy which impressed Miduk.  My bible study friend Barbara sent Miduk a Dominos Pizza gift card, so Miduk and Kasey ordered a pizza and watched a movie. We gave Miduk some dominos for Valentine's Day, something he said he plays a lot back home.

Another church friend (and neighbor) Connie showed up on our doorstep this weekend with the movie Castaways for Miduk to watch.  He LOVED it!  And keeps saying, "Wilson, Wilson!"  Tom Hanks was so great in that movie!

Shelby took Miduk to get some new tennis shoes this weekend.  Of course they had to be black!  Got some flip flops and summer shorts and bathing suit too, as warm weather is on its way!  We are planning a spring break trip to Destin Florida but haven't told him yet.  In conversation about beaches I found out that he has never made a sandcastle before.  That will definitely be on our list of things to do!  Hoping for warm sunny weather when we go!

Well I found out why Miduk never wants to stay home by himself - he is afraid of GHOSTS!  Seriously!  He goes everywhere I go, and I mean everywhere - even if it's just a quickie ten minute errand.  He told me he doesn't want to stay home by himself because of the ghosts.  At first I just laughed and told him there are no ghosts but he was dead serious about it!  He told me that his dad has wrestled a ghost before, and that he has seen ghosts in the jungle with glowing eyes.  I tried reasoning with him about it but could quickly tell that I was fighting a losing battle.  He is convinced.  Maybe I should show him some episodes of "Casper the Friendly Ghost"?

Miduk has been moody lately.  Perhaps it's the recovery from his surgery, perhaps he is homesick, or the opposite-dreading his return home. All I know is we talk a LOT about EVERYTHING.  I keep reminding myself that he is a typical 16 year old teenager wanting to hang out with friends, stay up late, have some freedom.  He gets in a funk and refuses to speak. At all.  Last week Kasey was on the receiving end of his bad mood.  He gave her the silent treatment all day long.  I encouraged her to try and get him to talk about it.  Finally at bedtime he told her "No talk to Kasey for 1 Day", like it was a goal of his or something! He acted like it was funny.  She let him know that she did not appreciate it and found his behavior to be rude and unacceptable.  Since then, he hasn't done it again.  I sat him down the next day and had a talk with him about being part of a family-that in our family we treat one another with kindness and respect-and he is part of our family now, so we expect the same from him.  It doesn't mean he has to be happy-clappy all the time, but it doesn't allow him to be rude to others either.  Once again, I have to wonder what his family dynamics are like at home...

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