Sunday, February 12, 2012


Miduk taking a mid-morning nap

Last night after Shelby and Kasey left the hospital, Miduk and I watched the movie "Akeelah and the Bee" on TV and switched back and forth over to American Idol too.
He really surprised me by staying awake so long!  We finally turned the tv and lights off at 10:45pm, and got him all settled in bed with his leg elevated.  The nap was short lived, as the nurses came in to check on him at 11:00pm and every two hours afterwards!  I was in a chair bed in the room where I could keep an eye on him.  He actually slept better than I anticipated, and was awake by 6:30am ready for the day.  We ordered his breakfast, then the physical therapist came by to work with him followed by Dr. Birch.  He was cleared to go home, but not until the PT came back and assisted him with learning how to go up and down the stairs.  His right foot was swollen this morning and his shoe would not go on at all!  I went down to the pharmacy to get his pain medicine, the nurse removed his IV in his hand, signed a bunch of paperwork and we wheeled him downstairs to go home at 1:30pm.  He was all happy and singing to the radio in the car,  "I've got the moves like Jagger"; haha!  We have a few leg exercises that he will do each day at home to strengthen his knee.  No getting the bandaged area wet, so sponge bath for a week and I wash his hair using the sprayer over the kitchen sink.  I've noticed that whenever I do something for him, he apologizes.  Like when I had to help him get dressed or go to the bathroom in the hospital, or wash his feet, or show him how to do a sponge bath, he always says "Sorry Mom".  I finally told him to quit apologizing!  :)  It must be hard for him to let others do things for him.  Kasey and her friend Sam brought him a Mini Cooper car for his collection tonight and he has it sitting next to his bed. 

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