Sunday, February 12, 2012


Ok, better late than never!  This is the photo I took when our friends from church brought a prayer shawl over for Miduk the day before his surgery.  Pictured are Stacey, Jimmy and Claire Hammonds.  Unfortunately Miduk opened the front door before I got there and Sugar ran right out and scared poor little Claire to death!  Notice the concrete floor in our entryway-ugh-we had to have the hardwoods pulled up as a result of that darn leak, and are awaiting to have it repaired...

Miduk relaxing on the couch Friday.  Sugar pretty much stayed with him all day, and seemed to think she was helping by laying her head on his leg!  Isn't it funny how dogs can sense when we are not feeling well?  She did the same thing when Shelby had his elbow surgery last fall..

Went to Texas Roadhouse to celebrate Wesley's birthday on Saturday night.  Miduk found it interesting that at this restaurant, you can eat peanuts and throw the shells on the floor while waiting to be seated.  I told him not to try that at home!

Wes came home on Friday and he couldn't get here fast enough for Miduk.  Miduk asked me all morning long, "When Wes home Mom?"  Wesley took Miduk to Blockbuster to pick out a video game, and Miduk picked FIFA Soccer. They played a lot of FIFA soccer on the Xbox this weekend, and Miduk really got into it!  You could hear him yelling all over the house!  We celebrated Wesley's birthday this weekend too, complete with a birthday cake and candles. Last week the anesthesiologist asked Miduk when his birthday is, and he said, "I no like birthdays".  She asked if he had ever had a birthday party and he said "No, I no like birthdays".  I'm thinking we need to plan a birthday party for Miduk sometime before he goes back home!!!  Go all out with balloons and everything! 

Sunday morning we let Miduk call home before going to church, so that he could tell his mom about his surgery.  He talked almost twenty minutes, and I sure wish I knew what he was saying! When we walked into our church,  my friend Becky opened her arms wide and came running up to hug Miduk.  Becky is our evangelism coordinator and is in our bible study class too.  She lifted him up by name in our service this morning, and you should have seen the look on his face!  :)  Several friends gave him cards or mailed him cards, and I truly think he was touched. Last week in our bible study class, my friend Kelly brought him a bag of the clementines that he loves so much.  I wonder what he thinks about all the attention?  I explained to him that so many people care about him, that we have been praying for him even before he actually arrived here in November.  I pulled up a map on the laptop and showed him how friends all over the world are praying for his recovery, from Singapore to Texas to California, Washington, Mexico, Oklahoma, Hawaii and more.  And every time I received a text message checking on him, I shared it with him.  Yep, I'm pretty sure he was overwhelmed.  In a good way.  :)

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