Tuesday, February 28, 2012


Sugar getting her morning hug from Miduk.  She is so sweet and easy to love on.

Miduk loves to love on Sugar and she is happy to oblige.  Every morning when Miduk gets up he comes into the living room looking for Sugar and gives her a big hug, usually followed by a lot of howling and singing.  Sugar is a talented singer, haha!  Then Miduk goes out on the patio to check the weather, which I find kind of funny because our in our family we are all very weather conscious!  We live for the 10:00pm news to hear what the weatherman predicts for the next day.  :) In Indonesia it's hot and humid all the time so I guess it's interesting to Miduk to have some variation in the weather.  The thing about Texas weather is that it can be hot one day, cold the next.  He announces to me "cold today Mom", or "not cold today Mom" with such certainty you would think he was a meterologist.  And yes, I have explained to Miduk that sometimes the weatherman gets the forecast wrong!  He then takes a shower, feeds Sugar, does his exercises, and usually watches TV while he waits for me to check my emails, then we walk Sugar.  Today his "Ferrari" (mobility scooter) ran out of juice on our walk.  Evidently it did not get charged last night!  It was barely creeping along and I had to manually push Miduk and the scooter up the hill along the path behind our house the rest of the way home.  Yes I got my workout today for sure!  After our walk, I pull up YouTube for Miduk to play around with while I shower, then we're ready to start our day!  Except that by then it's almost lunchtime.....
today we drove to Carrollton to the "H-Mart", which is an Asian grocery store, in hopes of finding some Indomei noodles for Miduk.  He loves Indomei noodles, brought about 50 plus packages with him when he came to Dallas, and we are down to 3 packages left.  Basically it's just ramen noodles, except they are flavored with some kind of Indonesian spices I guess.  H-Mart had a hundred different kinds of ramen noodles, but wouldn't you know, no Indomei noodles!  We bought several packages of Japanese noodles, and he'll just have to try them.  He told me he guessed he would just have to eat American ramen noodles, "since I am American now"; haha.  Which reminds me, yesterday we went to Target to buy some shorts and t-shirts for our trip to Destin.  Miduk gravitates to the cargo shorts or what I call the "skater dude" type of clothing.  One pair of shorts we bought is a charcoal gray plaid print, long length shorts, and he was so fascinated with the LINING of the shorts because it had kind of a funky print fabric.  When we got home I told him to show Shelby and Kasey what we bought, so he had it all laid out on his bed and when he showed them the plaid shorts, he made sure to show them the inside too!  :)  Also we bought a skater dude type of hat that he really loved.  I also asked him to choose a plain white shirt for our beach pictures that we will take in Destin and he surprised me by picking a white button down dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up.  He said "I think Kasey like this shirt".  :)  And yes, she did!  What's so funny is that if I pick out clothes for Miduk, he sometimes doesn't like them but is afraid to tell me so.  But if Kasey picks out clothes for him, he is all about it!  So last weekend I went to the mall and picked up a few things for him, put them all in one bag, and gave it to Kasey to give to Miduk as if she had gone shopping for him.  And what do you think happened?  He LOVED everything!  I guarantee that would not have happened if he thought I picked them out!  I guess if he thinks Kasey picked out the clothes then they must be cool.  I've just got to stay one step ahead of him!

Today we pulled up a map of the United States online and I showed him our driving route to Destin and explained that he will be in five different states:  Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Florida.  He shouts "Alabama!  Sweet Home Alabama!"  Oh my gosh where does he pick this up????  We also looked up seashells, in particular the sand dollar and the legend of the sand dollar which I've always thought was pretty neat.  He must have told me a dozen times today, "Mom I so excited for the bitch".  Uh oh.  It's BEACH, Miduk.  BEEEEEEECH, repeat after me.  Please do not call it the bitch.  Anyway, suffice it to say that he is super fired up for this vacation.  I hope it doesn't disappoint.  We're praying for warm weather and sunshine!

New word of the week is DUDE.  DUDE this and DUDE that.  Randy Jackson, one of the judges on American Idol, says DUDE all the time.  I'm sure that soon Miduk will be saying YO, DUDE! just like Randy does.  And occasionally he throws out a "SERIOUSLY!"

Song of the week is "I'm Coming Home" by Skylar Grey.  It goes, "I'm coming home, I'm coming home, tell the world I'm coming home" all kind of mellow jello and then the rapping starts in.  Miduk sings "Tell Indonesia I'm coming home".  Then he adds, "BUT NOT YET!!!"  We've pulled up all the variations on YouTube, trust me.

I've been lazy this week and not wearing makeup.  Yesterday I put on a t-shirt and jeans, walked into the kitchen, and Miduk said "Mom, is that YOU?  You look young Mom!"  haha I asked him what he was buttering me up for.

Last but not least, Miduk is still talking about Matt's car.  He woke up Monday morning saying "I love Matt. I love Matt car.  ZOOM!"  I think he's ready to go for another ride.  :)

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