Tuesday, March 27, 2012


D meaning DENTIST!  Let's just say it was most definitely not our best day.  Today was the day Miduk was scheduled to have four of his eight cavities filled.  I was trying my best to be optimistic as we drove to the dentist, knowing what he was in for (and glad that he wasn't in the know!)  He actually tolerated it better than I expected.  The numbing and the shots in the mouth made him squirm, but he loved that "laughing gas".  He kept lifting his arms in the air and letting them flop back down and saying "HEAVY!"  Probably the worst part was having that block in his mouth for so long, to keep his jaw open.  That was what he complained about most of all, enough in fact that the dentist removed it and put a smaller one in. Thank goodness he had Kasey's Ipod with him, as that really helped!  He clenched and unclenched his fists and flexed his feet every time she drilled, so I stood next to the chair and squeezed his hand the entire time.  Pretty soon he was bothered by the mask on his nose that delivered the laughing gas, so that was removed too.  When we were finished he wanted to look at his face in the mirror because it was numb and he kept saying "my face so big!"  :)

All in all, he did great for someone who has never ever had a cavity filled before!  Dr. McClellan and her assistants are so very good with Miduk, they speak calmly and quietly and they are so reassuring.   Next week we go back to have the other four cavities filled (if he doesn't back out on me, ha!).  On the way home I asked him, which was worse? The knee surgery or the fillings?  And he said the fillings!!!!!!!!

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