Saturday, March 24, 2012


The excitement has been building as we count down the days to departure.  Destin, here we come!  Miduk was SO excited and every day he told me "Mom I so excited for vacation!"  The 12 hour car ride wasn't quite so exciting though.  We left at 5:00am, it was cold and rainy most of the way, and it took us 12 1/2 hours to get to Destin, with a few stops along the way for gas, potty breaks, and we had to take a photo at each state line!  Miduk did great in the car, had the very back seat to himself (plus some luggage!), hardly ever slept and mostly looked out the window, listened to Kasey's IPOD which she had put some new songs on for him.  He did great for someone who has never been in a car for that long at one time! He did not, however, care to participate in our car games.  Kasey, her friend Sam and I played the "I'm going to Destin and I'm taking a _____", starting with the letter A (apple), B (beach ball), etc  and repeating ourselves all the way thru the alphabet to the letter Z.  Our best letter was L (Luke Bryan in the Lazy River, ha!) This game only proved to me what I've known all along -  my memory is quickly failing.  I need to play that game more often! :)  The other thing we always do in the car is the IPOD Singing Game.  One person selects a song on his/her IPOD, puts the earphones on and belts it out like there's no tomorrow while the rest of us try to guess what the song is (we can't hear the music).  It's quite entertaining, as you really feel like you are THE American Idol singing your heart out, while everyone else is trying to figure out what the heck you are singing.  I stumped them all with my rendition of the 80's song by Journey, "Any Way You Want It" (Lovin', Touchin', Squeezin').  haha it was hilarious!  Miduk thought we all were nuts.....

Our first day in Destin was cloudy and cool, but that didn't stop Miduk from swimming in the ocean. The water was freezing!!!  I opted for the hot tub. :)

Took this photo only minutes after we unpacked the car.  Miduk could not wait to get down to the beach!

Out to dinner the first night at Fudpuckers.  We ate as much fresh seafood as we could get our hands on!  :)

Shelby and Miduk joined Shelby's fishing buddy Darin and his father for a day of fishing just east of Panama City Beach. (Darin and his dad had caught a 200 pound shark the day before).  Unfortunately they didn't catch very much, but got a great sunburn trying!  Miduk kept telling me that he already has brown skin and that he didn't need any sunscreen; ha!  I told him even African Americans get sunburned and they are darker than he is!  After he burned the day they were fishing and he came home with a red nose, he was much better about using sunscreen.  His nose/face eventually peeled which he didn't like at all.  Makes me wonder, how does he avoid sunburn in Indonesia? 

Fishing with Shelby out in front of our condo.  Miduk would fish all day long if you let him.  He took his crutch into the water at times, and sometimes did without it.  This photo shows how his hip juts out when he walks without the crutch.

Oh my gosh, is he handsome or what?

Kasey brought her friend Sam along on the trip, and Miduk really REALLY enjoyed hanging out with the girls.  Couldn't wipe the smile off his face!  He insisted on walking up and down the beach with them.

I took this photo from our room on the 3rd floor of the Destin Beach Club.  Miduk made a friend who was also staying there, an 11 year old boy named Tanner who not only loves soccer as much as Miduk does, his favorite player (Messi) is also Miduk's favorite soccer player.

All that fishing wears a guy out.  So they say.

Miduk in the water with Tanner's older brother

Out to dinner at AJ's on the docks

Rode Go-Karts at the Track.  Miduk loved it!

Riding go karts with Shelby (and bumping each other too!)
They also have a new handshake this week, something about a fish???

At the Track with the girls, looking up at the Bungee Jump and trying to decide whether to go for it or not.  NOT!

When he wasn't fishing, he was kicking that soccer ball all over the beach.  I brought buckets and shovels to build a sandcastle, silly me - 16 year old boys do not want to build sandcastles!

I just know their teeth are chattering and they are freezing to death in that water.  Which is why I am happy to sit here in the sun, read my book, and take pictures. :)


Ok so this was our last night in paradise, we'd worked hard on our tans all week and it was time for the traditional "wear a white shirt and look tan" family beach photo.

We told Miduk he ought to consider becoming a model, don't you think?
He got a haircut before we left Flower Mound, and loves using the hair gel to spike his hair.  He couldn't quit looking at himself in the mirror and saying "I handsome".  I AGREE!

Kasey and Sam had this crazy idea that we would all do a big jump at the count of 3.  Do you know how ridiculous that looks, with people watching you?  It took us several tries until we all got off the ground simultaneously.  I have to give Shelby credit for even attempting to do this, number one because his knee was bothering him all week, and number two because he absolutely hates to take pictures in having said that, I think everyone should try it.  At least once.  And it doesn't matter what you look like, those people will never see you again!  (at least that's what I tell Shelby...)

Miduk was really embarassed to do the piggyback picture but the girls would not take no for an answer!

Up with the sunrise and one of the first ones out on the beach everyday

Miduk has a nasty scar from a previous abdominal surgery several years ago

Playing volleyball with Dad

I promise that Miduk is not looking for food in the trash can!  We feed him! haha he and Tanner played this game where they tried to kick the soccer ball into the trash cans from about 20 yards away. (and they did it!)

One of our favorite places to go, The Back Porch.  We can walk to it along the beach from our condo and shoes aren't required!  Miduk's dinner came on top of a frisbee!

Sam and Kasey, all dressed up and nowhere to go! :)  There were lots of college kids in Destin this week, but we didn't let them get too far away.
When they sat out late on the sand watching the stars, Miduk was right there with them. :)

Welcome to Alabama! (we actually took this one on the way home)

Brr, it was chilly this morning

I'm pretty sure the wind was 60mph at this point

Florida at last!  But where's the sunshine?  Thank goodness, the rest of the week was beautiful and sunny!

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