Sunday, March 25, 2012


Miduk had an appointment at Scottish Rite with Dr. Birch last Thursday.  Everything went well, and Dr. Birch was pleased with Miduk's progress and his recovery.  Miduk had some x-rays taken, which Dr. Birch showed to us on his laptop computer.  It showed the titanium plates which will prevent any growth from the growth plates, as well as 4 screws holding it in place.  Miduk was kind of amazed just looking at it, and Dr. Birch assured Miduk that he didn't need the screws back.  :)

So we've got the green light to continue on as planned with Miduk's return to Singapore on Friday May 4th.  We will see Dr. Birch again on May 1 for a final checkup and to say goodbye.  Miduk has no restrictions whatsoever, so we are planning to do just as we've done since he has been here, and that is, have fun, do more fishing, and swimming in the pool now that it's getting warm enough!

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