Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Miduk with Ben (age 9) and Jake (age 6) in Jenks Oklahoma

Ben is so sweet and tender hearted towards Miduk. 

Jake is the Energizer Bunny and doesn't sit still for long!  He loved playing Nintendo with Miduk.  In this photo, Jake spontaneously said "I love you Miduk" and gave him a big hug.  :)

Playing with cars in the playroom

Jake picked out a Peace Sign necklace from the treasure chest at school for Miduk.
My nephews are so sweet!

In the backyard with my sister Susan and the boys.  I can't believe I didn't get a photo of Uncle Brent!

After a very long and fun filled day, the boys had a slumber party in the living room.
Ben fell asleep, eventually Miduk did too, but the energizer bunny just kept going and going!  :)

Miduk with my sister Sue

Jake slowed down long enough for a quick photo!  He is wearing his Shriners hat from the circus today

This past weekend we went to Tulsa.  I attended a womens conference with my friend Joan and my sister Susan, and Shelby and Miduk came to visit with Shelby's father Handy who is in the hospital.  As it turned out, Miduk was invited to spend the day with Uncle Brent, Ben and Jake which was the best day ever!  Uncle Brent is lots of fun and had a great day planned.  After breakfast at McDonalds they went to the Akdar Shrine Circus, where they saw tigers, shetland ponies, an elephant, clowns, you name it!  Ben and Jake took a ride on the elephant but Miduk was too scared!  After lunch they went to an arcade and rode go-karts, which Miduk says he absolutely loved!  Funny because he wouldn't ride them in Flower Mound with Kasey and Wes!  Now he wants to ride them again!  He tells me he is a good driver.  :)  They had a slumber party and played Nintendo and watched a movie.  I think Miduk was in hoggy-piggy heaven.  So much fun and so much activity in one day!  My nephews are so sweet and just love Miduk like he is their cousin.  And Uncle Brent was so patient to entertain the boys all day so that Shelby could be at the hospital with his dad and I could go to the conference too.
All in all a great weekend and hopefully Handy will be released from the hospital real soon.

The day after we got back from Tulsa, Miduk came into the kitchen holding something and asked me to hold out my hand.  He put something up against my hand, pushed a button and there was a flash.  He said "It's warm, Mom" and did it again and then did it to his own hand repeatedly. He was trying to figure out what made it so warm.  He had NO IDEA that it was a disposable camera!  Evidently Uncle Brent had given one to each of the boys to take photos with at the circus.  When I told him what it was, he was so embarassed that he had taken so many photos of his hand! hahaha I'm thinking we won't develop those photos.  :)

This morning I told Miduk I was going to go jump in the shower and he said "Mom!  Do not jump!" haha 

We had more trouble with the go-go scooter last week and had to abandon it on our walk, go get my car, come back and disassemble the scooter and load it into my car. I was kind of doubting my ability to take the scooter apart, since I have only done it once in the past four months, so I told Miduk we needed to pray that the scooter would come apart easily for me.  Sure enough, it came apart easily and I said "Oh, piece of cake!"  Miduk got that puzzled look on his face and said "What cake, Mom?"  :)
Fortunately the battery was still under warranty and we were able to get another one! 

Miduk is glad that the weather is finally warming up and he can go fishing down at the pond.  He caught a small fish and was pretty happy about it. Still trying to get used to the rod and reel, as opposed to the cane pole he uses in Indonesia!

Many of you have asked if Miduk has had any trouble getting used to our food in the United States.  He is eager to try just about anything, and loves burgers, chili, lasagna, and baby back ribs.  Sometimes he does get an upset stomach; maybe from our spices or simply not used to so much rich food. At the dinner table, when he gets full he leans back and closes his eyes and takes a deep breath.   All this to say, yes there are times when we can't find Miduk and it's usually because he is spending some time in the bathroom! 

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