Sunday, March 25, 2012


Miduk goofing around with my reading glasses!

Shelby "Tom Sawyer" Waychoff made fence painting look so fun that Miduk jumped right in to help.  Ha!  that's not really the way it happened

It has been super hot this weekend.  When we were walking Sugar, Miduk said "Mom, my back is water".  hahaha, meaning I AM SWEATING!!!

Sayings that create a puzzled response from Miduk:
1.  Do me a favor
2.  Hold your horses
3.  See you later, Alligator!
4. The word hotdog - "Mom, hot dog - why you say? Is it dog?  Why?"

He is also picking up a bit of Spanish which is easy to do here in Texas.  He says "adios" and "gracias".  We also like going to Taco Tuesdays!

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