Wednesday, March 28, 2012


It was a good day for Sugar, too.  She is smiling!

To say that Miduk likes to fish is an understatement.  He LOVES to fish!
He loves soccer, cars, and fishing!  Today was a beautiful day, and Miduk was looking for something to do, as we are finally having our hardwood floors replaced after that leak in January, and we are pretty much stuck at home this entire week. Not a problem!  Now that the weather is warmer, Miduk goes back and forth down to the neighborhood pond ten times a day.  He usually takes the fishing pole that Shelby gave him, but not today!  Unbeknownst to me, he got a stick down at the park, found some string, don't know where he got the hook, and made his own fishing pole - then he proceeded to catch fish after fish!  He came running up the path with a small perch still attached to his homemade fishing pole, so excited and yelling for me to come see his fish, WHICH HE THEN PROCEEDED TO THROW INTO MY SWIMMING POOL!  Miduk was so happy and laughing, Sugar was going nuts, and I have a small fish swimming around in my pool!  Too funny!  He was SO proud of himself!  He kept saying, "I'm catch fish! I'm eat fish!"  Except that this fish was only about as big as my hand, and not only that-I don't know how to clean a fish!  (Shelby was out of town).  And surprise, surprise-Miduk does not know how to clean a fish either!  He said his dad always cleans them.  I told him he needed to get the fish out of the pool since we have a chlorinated pool and the fish would die.  He tried to retrieve it with the pool net but no luck.  Next thing I know he whips off his shirt, jumps into the pool, and catches it WITH HIS BARE HANDS!  He told me he wanted to catch a bunch of fish, bring them all home and swim with them in the pool! hahaha that is so not happening!  Eventually he went back down to the pond, fished some more, came home with a large turtle that he kept in a bucket for a while.  Sugar and I followed him back down to the pond where he had met a friend Carson and was showing Carson how to make a fishing pole with a stick and string.  :)
I think maybe he was reliving his fishing days in his village! My neighbor said that Miduk ought to be on "Survivor".  :)  When we drove past the pond tonight after dark he said "Goodnight fish, see you tomorrow!"

Diving down to try and catch the fish.  Sugar would really like a piece of the action

Teach Carson how to fish Indonesian-style

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