Sunday, November 6, 2011


My friend Jeanne is a flight attendant for American Airlines, and she checked on Miduk's flight tomorrow.  Turns out she knows someone who will be flying the Tokyo to Dallas leg, as well as the purser on that flight.  She told them about Miduk and they assured her they would look out for him and take good care of him.  :)  It just keeps getting better all the time!!!!

I have been worried that Miduk would have to fly unescorted all the way by himself, speaking no English and the problems he might encounter.  Well guess what?  Linley went to borrow a book from a friend of hers in Singapore, and this friend had her parents in visiting guessed it, DALLAS!  And they had been bumped from their flight back home and were put on a flight for Monday!  The SAME flight that Miduk is on!
So they are going to keep an eye on him and sit with him during the layover in Tokyo and make sure he gets thru customs/immigrations etc.  Gotta love it!  That is no accident!  I think that is one of God's modern day miracles! :)

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