Sunday, November 27, 2011


Snuggling with Sugar on the sofa

This weekend was pretty much spent putting up more Christmas decorations.  Miduk helped me set up my snowmen collection and enjoyed making it "snow" over the tops of the snowmen!  He especially liked a snowglobe that plays "Let it Snow" so I let him put it in his room and now he is whistling that tune. Constantly! :)  haha  We also got a stocking for him and hung it on the mantel.  I just wonder what he is thinking about the way in which we celebrate Christmas in America with all the decorating and food and shopping, etc.  I'm sure it's overwhelming to him.  Okay and we did NOT take him shopping on Black Friday!!! As a matter of fact I haven't taken him shopping at all, I almost hate to expose him to all the materialistic western ways.  But I do want him to know the joy of GIVING, and have decided that soon I will take him to shop for small gifts for Dad, Wes, and Kasey.  And his best buddy Sugar!  Today Shelby and Miduk took Sugar to Petsmart just to walk around.  Miduk thought it was funny when Sugar sniffed all the dog snacks and also when she pounced on the gerbil cages.  Then they took her to a field and just let her run.  It was cold outside!  You would think that Miduk would find the temperatures to be especially cold, but he seems to enjoy the cold weather!  I have to make him put on socks and shoes, otherwise he likes to go barefoot all the time.  :)  We rented a Transformer movie for him this weekend, and he loves Transformers!!!  This morning he went to church (it was the first day of Advent) and he also went to Sunday School with Kasey.  Had his first corndog from Sonic (make that two corndogs and tater tots) and also chowed down on pot roast and vegies tonight.  He is always very interested in what's cooking, and asks me "Mom, WHAT IS?"  He has also memorized my cell phone number for the most part.  And his crutch was finally delivered to our house this weekend!  He was happy to see it, but set it aside and prefers to use only one crutch.  I feel like I am constantly asking him if he is in any pain or if his hip hurts, and he always tells me no.  He gets around quite easily with the crutch!  I am told that he pretty much laid in bed for 4 years after his injury, then carved himself a stick and hopped around using his stick.  Last February Linley took him his first pair of crutches and that made a huge difference for him, being able to get around so much easier and his parents were thrilled.  A pair of crutches!  Wow, how many other kids might be in a similar position, needing a pair of crutches to walk?  Linley sees so so so many children in Indonesia who have a wide variety of medical problems.  Some are easy to treat and some are not.  But don't all children deserve a chance?  Whether they are from Texas, or Oklahoma, or Indonesia, or Africa - it really doesn't matter because each of them is a child of God. We need to remember that. Why help a child from Indonesia when there are plenty of people in the U.S. needing help also?  My answer would have to be, WHY NOT? 

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  1. Why not? is right Tracy. You and your family have reached out to the world through this one boy. Miduk's life will be blessed in ways that we on earth will never really understand. And your family, too! Donna