Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Uncle, Uncle, Paternal Grandmother, Maternal Grandmother, Miduk, Aunt, Mom, sister Loisa

Brother Mondo, Brother Elendra, dad Sindon, Miduk, Mom Elisabeth, Sister Loisa, brother Besli

Paternal Grandmother

Linley visiting the school in Medan

These photos were all taken when Linley and Bryan went to Miduk's village (Aek Popo) to pick up Miduk and have the parents sign the guardianship papers.  The extended family were all present as Linley explained the documents page by page and explained Miduk's living situation with us.  I just got these photos today.  Miduk has another brother Janwar who is not in the picture, as he lives away from home.  The brothers are age 25, 23, 22, 21 and Miduk is 16 and Loisa is 10.  Miduk tells me he doesn't know how old is parents are.
I believe the paternal grandmother lives with them but not the maternal grandmother.  Miduk spends his days with his maternal grandmother selling crackers and drinks while sister goes to school, Besli works in a "coffee shop", and his parents and other brothers are farmhands.  At least that's my understanding.....

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