Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fw: CELEBRATIONS IN ORDER!! Miduk is accepted at TSR

Miduk is officially accepted at Texas Scottish Rite Hospital on March 28, 2011.  Time to get busy!

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Subject: CELEBRATIONS IN ORDER!! Miduk is accepted at TSR

FINALLY..... word just in that Miduk is accepted at Texas Scottish Rites!
Now for the fun to begin!!  I have a lot of paperwork to start.... visa to apply for.... funds to find for ticket and visa.. and transport to Jakarta for his visa interview 
(2 hour flight from his island)..... and then to bring him to Singapore for "America training"  (bathrooms, running water, hot water, toilet paper, airplanes, etc)!

Thank you all for your efforts to help Miduk!  I wish you could all meet him.  He is so sweet!
I was able to get him a wheelchair for the trip (and for long distance walking).  He can walk about 20 meters before total exhaustion and I am not convinced walking on that leg is a good idea anyway!  

I haven't been able to inform his parents just yet as there is no phone service in that area for the past month... so I am sending a young university student to go to 
their home this weekend (a 6 hour trip).  I know they will be so pleased.  They have known all along that this was never a promise, but a possibility. Some of my cases wait 3 or more years for help!  (I have a little 8 yr old in our home and hearts right now who has waited for 3 yrs to have his club foot repaired!  He is on his 4th cast as of today and his foot has almost miraculously gone from a C-shape where he walked on the top of his foot to a near flat foot...right before our eyes!) 

Now Miduk has a chance to walk... without a big stick and for more than 20 meters!  THANK YOU ALL!  

Cheers!  Linley

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