Saturday, November 12, 2011


What a great day to be an OSU Cowboy!  Miduk was more than willing to wear an orange OSU shirt today and joined in the team spirit as OSU squashed Texas Tech 66-6.  GO POKES! Aunt Kelly and Aunt Kit joined us today to watch the game on TV so Miduk got to meet some of his aunts!  He liked the pizza and also the grilled sausage, and ALL THOSE TOUCHDOWNS!!!  :)   We played ping pong in the garage today and discovered that Miduk is pretty competitive!  I wonder if he has played before?  I was trying to count our volleys and teach him how to count in English, I'm sure he was thinking enough already let's just play!  So Mr. Fun (Wes) came out and they had a fun time together.  Miduk told me that his oldest brother Besli has taught him some English. 

                                                   ORANGE POWER!!!!

                                     Doesn't Miduk look great in orange????

 Post game nap

Ok so I'm wondering if Miduk has a crush on Kasey?  After the game was over Shelby went out on the patio and found this.

Tonight we decided it was time to introduce Miduk to Mexican food and took him to Cristina's mexican restaurant.  I couldn't help but wonder how many restaurants he's been to.  He looked around a lot and seemed to enjoy it, ate all his mexican rice and beef taco.  Wes taught him how to play rock/paper/scissors, and he was head bobbing to the radio on the way home.  Yep, I'm pretty sure he's having a good time. 

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