Wednesday, November 9, 2011


 Miduk heads for bed around 8:45pm - his idea, not mine!  My friend Sue brought over some stuffed animals for him tonight and he put two of them in his bed to sleep with.  This morning once again when I went in to wake him up he had the framed photo of his parents laying on the pillow.  I'm sure he misses his family and we are going to let him call and talk to his mom soon. (she has a handphone)

Today after lunch I was at the kitchen sink and I thought I saw something zip across the backyard.  It was Miduk, RUNNING as only Miduk can run with one leg longer than the other.  Next thing I knew he climbed our tree in the backyard and I don't mean just the lower branches either.  He way way up there!  Shelby was home at the time and told me I needed to get him out of that tree!  So I typed on my translator app on my phone, "The tree isn't very strong", turned up the volume and held it up into the tree for him to hear it.  He came right down!  Boys will be boys!

Miduk and I worked on a 100 piece Scooby Doo puzzle this afternoon.  We did it all but the border and decided to wait for the puzzle queen (that would be Kasey) to get home from work to help us.  Well we got distracted watching the Country Music Awards show on TV. Wes asked Miduk via the translator if he liked country music and he laughed and said NO! and walked out of the room.  (I think it was someone else's version of Willie Nelson's "Georgia on My Mind" that sent him over the edge) Later I went to check on him and this is what I found on the dining room table!!!  Great way to use those border pieces!  Is he sweet or what?

Well we had some "firsts" today, starting with breakfast - I set out a couple boxes of cereal and asked if he had ever eaten cereal.  NO.  I poured a small amount of Frosted Cheerios into a bowl, added some milk, and he tasted it cautiously and pronounced it good!  I filled up his bowl, and he not only ate all the cereal, he turned the bowl up and drank all the milk!  Is that a guy thing or what?  I also showed him where Sugar's dog food is and told him he is in charge of feeding her every morning.  I'm sure he will be good at that!  Then off to bible study at church, where he met lots of people-people who have been following his story and praying for him for about a year now.  When we first walked in the church, my friend Susan called out "Selamat Pagi Miduk!" which is Good Morning in Bahasa Indonesian.  (Susan's mom used to live in Jakarta so Susan knows some of the language).  Miduk looked both surprised and pleased.  :)  Everyone was so welcoming and friendly to Miduk, and he recognized Tim from picking him up at the airport.   He sat quietly during bible study but I thought he might be getting bored so gave him some paper and a pen.  He wrote a lot (wonder what it said?) and drew a picture (not sure what it was) and then wrote MIDUK HEART ESTER AND ESTER HEART MIDUK using the heart symbol.  So who is Ester?  Does he have a girlfriend back home?  I asked him and he just laughed and shook his head no.  Later he told me Ester is his friend and she is 21 years old. 

Little did we know that Daddy Shelby would be waiting for us at home, having taken an earlier flight.  So Miduk got to meet Shelby, and he gave him the Jakarta newspaper he had brought for him which Shelby proceeded to read.  Shelby's arm is in a sling from having elbow surgery last week, so they gave each other knuckles in greeting.  Indomei noodles for lunch, and he also liked the Little Debbie oatmeal cookie snacks.  :)  A couple of times today I found Miduk in his room, laying on the bed with his feet curled under the footboard and doing situps!  I'm thinking there's probably nothing wrong with him working out his upper body and plan to ask the doctor about it tomorrow.  There's plenty of room for him to grow!  I had him try on a bunch of clothes that a friend gave to us.  He is definitely a size 10 or 12.  It is so hard to remember he is 16 years old!  Miduk is very bright and is already picking up English really well.  He likes to look at the digital photo frame that we have on all the time, and when he saw a picture of our family with the Eiffel Tower in the background, he shouted "PARIS!"  My friend Angie is an ESL teacher and she brought over some picture cards today to help Miduk to learn English.  He is a fast learner and we went through several sets in no time!  Wes surprised us by coming home today and Miduk was happy to see him.  Wesley promised to take him fishing down at our neighborhood pond tomorrow and he is so excited!!! 

That's it for now.  His first consultation at Scottish Rite is tomorrow morning at 9:00am.  Please pray that the doctors and nurses will be gentle with Miduk and that he will feel comfortable there.  We are eager to talk to them about their proposed treatment plan for Miduk. Oh, and his name is pronouced "Mee Duke"!  :)

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