Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sunday morning we loaded the car (and let me stress the word LOADED) and headed to Oklahoma for Thanksgiving.  Miduk told me he had woken up at 4:00am (still not completely on our time zone yet) so I was sure he would sleep in the car.  But no!  He just stared out the window at everything and was just taking it all in - the cars, the farms, the horse trailers, everything.  It reminded me of my grandmother Lola who didn't leave her small town very often, but when she did it was a big deal for her to look at everything like she was seeing it for the very first time. :)  We stopped for sausage rolls on the way (Miduk loves 'em) and I brought a Christmas word search book for him to do on the way.  And I hate to admit it, but about twenty minutes into the trip I had to ask him to quit whistling.  I know, I know, I sound like such a Scrooge but we're talking a four hour plus car ride and that whistling just kinda disturbs a peaceful car trip.  Not to mention, Shelby doesn't even like for me to clap in the car (I like to clap to songs sometimes) so I know the whistling wasn't going to go over well.  Luckily Miduk was not bothered by my request and I promised  he could whistle all he wants when we are out of the car!!! We stopped in Edmond at my friend Joan's house (see photo in previous post), and then on to Tulsa, arriving at Shelby's parents house around 5:00pm.  Meme and Papaw are big huggers too, so Miduk is probably getting hugged to death this week.  Not a bad way to go,huh?  I will try to get some photos tomorrow.

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