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I know you are all praying because I got the EMERGENCY VISA IN A FEW HOURS... and they were not thinking it could be done
since it had to be approved by Washington DC and it was night there (though they have a night shift).  I was told not to count on
it .... we had to be there at 7 a.m...... got there at 6:15 and already 30 people were waiting.  They had about 200 applying.

We waited outside and at exactly 7 they let us in slowly and searched everyone.... high security and all.
Miduk was in his wheelchair (though he doesn't need it at all)... and we were taken in first because of the
wheelchair and because I was an American.  There is one guy there who is really unfriendly and mean... and
turns people down... luck of the draw who you get... we got another guy next to him.  I stood there and listened
as the mean guy turned everyone down... and my guy was a little lost on this medical case. but I showed him
endless documents with as many Indoensian stamps as you can imagine.... I overkill the documents so that
there is never a question.  He actually said I was extremely organized and he was impressed! 
He approved us, but said it had to go through Washington and he had no way of telling if they would do it
today.  (I told him I had tickets to fly to Singapore tonight!)

I acted on FAITH on that one... buying tickets that were not refundable!  GOD BLESSED THAT FAITH!
Miduk dropped out of school after his accident (5th grade).. but he can read.  I bought him several books,
including a comic Bible and a regular Bible.  He doesn't own a Bible.  he actually said he doesn't pray or
go to church..... but I told him he needed to pray... so now he prays before meals and every night and
when we need things like VISAS or OUR CAR OUT OF A HUGE DITCH!  He quickly closes his eyes and
prays!  His mom said last night was the very first time the family gathered and prayed together!  GOD IS

So.. you will not need any electric wheelchair devices!  He is so good on crutches (he only uses one crutch)!
I am also teaching him to wash dishes, use a napkin, not throw garbage on the ground or on the floor!  Hahaha
not much time for USA TRAINING like normal, but I could not waste the time we have!  He knows the whole
toilet procedure. including putting the seat down and not peeing on the toilet or floor!  Hahahahha  I figure while
I have them....... and they know nothing.. I am going to train right!  hahahahah
BLESS YOU ALL.... I know you are making a big sacrifice to take in a stranger.  HE IS SO BLESSED!
We talked about what he would call you..... some of my kids call their USA parents Mama Tracy... others
go for MOM... others for Miss Tracy..... whatever you like!  His mother sends her love and the family cannot
thank you all enough! 

I will send photos later........ he has read his comic Bible twice now... and while the women are dressed a
lot like DISNEY (low cut gowns)....... he is enjoying the stories and I have Bryan, a young man who works for
me and Bryan quizes him and talks to him about the stories! 

We will talk this weekend..... maybe we can video skype.. so you can meet him.
He is so cute.... very tiny and NO CLOTHES TO SPEAK OF.  I bought some cheap tennis shoes... and got him
a Jakarta International School sweatshirt... big, but warm. 
He probably wears a size 12, possibly 14.  Looks like he borrowed 2 pair of underwear from his older brothers.

Cheers!  Linley

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