Friday, November 18, 2011


Today Miduk and I ran some errands - bank, haircut (me, not him), went to Sam's Club where he ate every bite of one of those giant hot dogs.  Then we proceeded to make our way through the store, sampling lots of goodies.  His favorite was the sausage rolls of course! 

I never realized there are so many Hummers on the roads of Flower Mound, but I am made completely aware of each and every one of them these days.  Usually a low, appreciative whistle followed by a head turn.  I'm thinking I might need to take Miduk to a Hummer dealer and see if they will take us for a ride sometime.  Wouldn't that make his day?

I took Miduk to the movie theater this afternoon to see "Dolphin Tale".  If I'm understanding him correctly he says he has been to the theater to see the movie "Cars" in Jakarta one time.  The movie was cute but maybe not the best selection for him, he probably would have preferred more action!  He went to the restroom at the theater and I stood right outside the door waiting for him.  I don't know why I was so worried about him going in by himself!  It reminded me of when my kids were young and I let Wes go in the mens room without me the first time.  I made a note for his pocket when he first got here that reads "My name is Miduk Lumbanraja.  I do not speak English.  Please call my host mother, Tracy Waychoff,  at 972-251-0070".  He likes to give me a hard time about that note and reads it aloud (in ENGLISH) "I do not speak English", hahaha! 

Well the OSU Cowboys are about to kick off and Miduk has his orange shirt on and is already on the sofa with Shelby.  GO POKES!!!!!!!!!!!

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