Wednesday, November 23, 2011


Miduk and Kasey got the job of grinding the cranberries and apples and oranges for cranberry salad while Wes and cousin Tanner cleaned out the gutters and raked leaves at Meme and Papaw's.  It was a beautiful day!

Miduk making his Indomei noodles for lunch today (I guess he's tired of coneys!  Is that even possible?)

Playing with a 6-week old dachsund puppy at the nursing home where Aunt Betty lives.  Miduk really loves animals!

Aunt Betty is Meme's sister.  Meme decorated her room with Christmas decorations today!

Strolling the halls of the nursing home looking for some excitement

Back to Aunt Susan's house this afternoon for more trampoline fun

Ben, Miduk and Jake

At the nursing home with Aunt Betty (that's cousin Tanner on the left!)

Tonight Shelby's dad took all the kids to the TU womens basketball game.
Miduk's interest lasted about 5 minutes.  He wanted to get home and play with his Legos!
He also went to coffee this morning with Shelby and Papaw and met some of Papaw's friends

Today Miduk had some honeybaked ham and loved it.  He simply calls it "pig".  He also had an Arby's roast beef sandwich this afternoon and that was a hit also. Actually there's not too many things he doesn't like, and he is willing to try just about anything.  If he doesn't like something he spits it out in the sink, gets a drink of water, and says "Sorry Mom!"  He has been humming "Joy to the World" but sings "Joyful the Lord".  We need to work on those Christmas lyrics, haha! 

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