Thursday, November 10, 2011


Miduk the Fish!

This morning we were up early and out of the house by 7:45am to go to the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital for Children.  It was such a great experience!  We were welcomed and escorted through the clinics, x-ray and lab.  From the moment we walked in the door everyone was friendly and helpful.  There are lots of volunteers at TSR and all were cheerful and greeted Miduk as we walked around.  TSR is definitely a kid-friendly place, very bright and colorful and fun (if hospitals can be called fun).  Anyway, long story short, we met with three orthopedic doctors today; Dr. Hogue, Dr. Sucato, and Dr. Birch.  There was a glitch with the interpreter so we ended up phoning one of the people who called me on Miduk's first day here and offered her help.  She was definitely a lifesaver!!!  Thank goodness she was at home and available to interpret what each of the doctors was asking Miduk.  They put her on speaker phone and it worked out great. Another example of God providing for Miduk!  :)  Interestingly enough, when he was asked if he had any kind of treatment in Indonesia after his hip was dislocated, he said he went to a doctor and got a massage.  A massage, really???  We also learned that his hip dislocation is due to an injury he incurred 4 or 5 years ago when he was playing and pretending to be a WWF wrestler and doing a "Smackdown".  A Smackdown injury!  He said he jumped and landed wrong and heard his hip kind of pop and that it hurt.  It just kills me that his injury was not treated immediately as it would have been in the U.S.  We would take our kids to the emergency room.  Miduk got a massage!  He told the doctors today that he wants to be able to walk without his crutch and for his hip to be healed.  He LOVES soccer and wants to be able to run and play!  Now we wait until the doctors have time to go over the results and form a treatment plan for Miduk.  Our next appointment will probably be in two weeks.

 It was a long day, lots of x-rays and ct scans and blood drawn.  Miduk did great!  He was very cooperative with everything, even having his blood drawn. He didn't like it and squeezed my hand and closed his eyes. The nurse was so good with him and put a sticker on his shirt when she was finished.  He was just beaming!  So she gave him a strip of stickers for the road.  :)  Also he received a brand new car from the Disney Cars movie which was just over-the-top exciting for him and he must have thanked her a million times!  It was 2:30pm by the time we finished and headed down to the cafeteria.  They had a big Asian grill with fresh stir-fry which was just perfect!  A nice healthy lunch to make up for what he had for dinner tonight:  S'mores!  Shelby and Wes made a fire outside tonight and were sitting around talking and listening to music.  Miduk and Kasey and I joined them and we sat out there forever!  So long, in fact, that I lost my interest in making chicken fried steak and gave in to their requests for s'mores instead :)  Miduk was so happy sitting outside with the fire, we were all talking and laughing and he was cracking us up!  Wes had made an 80's playlist on his ipod and the song "Jesse's Girl" by Rick Springfield came on.  Wesley started singing "I wish that I was Miduk's girl" and he was so funny and yelled No!!!  He poked around in the fire like all boys do, pointed out the stars, and was just being very animated and entertaining, joining in which was so fun for all of us.  By the time he came in to take a shower, he was whistling "Uptown Girl" by Billy Joel, haha.  Miduk is a whistler!  Kinda like one of those happy people who go around whistling for no particular reason other than they're happy. He and I have listened to the song "Good Life" by One Republic about a dozen times by now and he always whistles along.  I like the lyrics and translated for him "This has gotta be the good life, this could really be a good life, good, good, life".  We know he doesn't like country music, but he likes all the pop stuff and in the car this morning he recognized a Lady Gaga song on the radio.  I think at home he watches a lot of tv during the day since he doesn't go to school or to work.  He must be pretty bored!  They do have a tv and I'm not sure if it runs on a car battery, or real electricity, or what?

This afternoon I ran in Target (without Miduk) and got him a soccer ball.  Boy, was he happy!  And a good soccer player!  He was all over the yard with that ball, kicking it and stopping it with his good foot. He and Wes played around for a while and then Wes showed him American football.  He could throw the ball pretty well, but said he prefers soccer.  :)

OK so while I was gone to Target, Miduk stripped down and jumped in the swimming pool.  Wes, Kasey and Shelby said they saw him go out the door, strip down to his boxers, and sit on the ledge.  Next thing they knew they heard a big splash and Miduk was doing the breaststroke in his boxers across the pool!Wes was freaking out and went into his lifeguard mode, taking his cell phone out of his pocket so he could jump in, because he didn't know Miduk could swim!! The air temp was probably 70 degrees but that pool water was freezing!  We need to heat it up before he does that again!  :)BRRRR

Right now Miduk is upstairs with Wes and Kasey watching the movie "Elf", one of Wesley's favorites and they are all cracking up.  I am so interested to talk with Miduk and find out how he celebrates Christmas at home.  His family is Catholic though not church going(except Mom occasionally).  They do have a big family so I'm sure there is some kind of celebration.  Miduk has four older brothers and one younger sister.  There is so much I want to talk to him about!  I want to hear about his village and his family and his friends and so much more.
He is learning English quickly, definitely understands it better than 3 days ago!  And speaking it too.  He's not shy about trying to express himself.  I think it's been so great having Wes home to hang out with Miduk and Kasey.  This afternoon all three of them went down to the pond to do some fishing.  The fish weren't biting so Miduk climbed a tree then ran around the pond.  He definitely has a lot of energy! 

Other random tidbits:

I gathered up his laundry tonight and he said "Thank you Mom!"

He made his bed and fed Sugar this morning without me even asking him!

He always looks at my watch or at the clock. I asked if he can tell time and he said yes.  But he does not have a watch! I think he is waiting for Kasey to come home from school.  Good thing she has senior out this year and gets home at 1:30. 

He LOVES watching the planes fly overhead.  We live near DFW Int'l. Airport and we have a LOT of planes flying over our house all the time. Miduk pretends to lasso the planes and "reel" them in!  :)

And he did eat a bowl of Cheerios before bedtime so that counts as his dinner, doesn't it???

 Playing soccer in the yard with Wes

 Look out Tony Romo!

 Can't let Miduk have all the fun!  Wes rode the scooter up and down the street!

 Miduk likes wearing the hood on his sweatshirts!

 There is just something about sitting around a campfire......

 Ok so we never finished the puzzle and tonight he snuck in there and changed the previous night's message to this one!  He loves Kasey (but doesn't know how to spell her name yet! haha) He can't wait til she comes home from school!

Wes tried to interest Miduk in learning to play the guitar, but Miduk was clearly not interested in learning!

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  1. Oh, I wish you had asked Ben for a soccer ball. We have more than a few. I'll get him to come over and work with Miduk. I'm sure it will be fun for both of them.