Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 Miduk helped move all the bicycles from one room to another.  He told me he has a bike back home

 Stacking toys in the CCA warehouse

Miduk is learning to use the computer and loves playing computer games

This morning I took Miduk to the donut shop before bible study.  He loved the sausage rolls and also tasted some of my twist donut.  He is not afraid to try new foods!  He tasted peanut butter at home and did not like it, nor did he like a roasted peanut in the shell.  He liked chicken pot pie and spaghetti.  He drinks a lot of water and also likes milk, but only drinks pop occasionally.  Tonight Kasey took Miduk to Starbucks and got a hot chocolate with peppermint for him.  He loved it!  Then she took him to watch a girls soccer game outdoors and it was windy and cold.  He bundled up and wore his knit cap but she said he was still shivering!  And yesterday we were sweating!  Welcome to Texas!  :)  In bible study this morning he followed along in his Indonesian bible once I figured out which book it was in Indonesian.  I used the translator app on my phone to let him know what we were all discussing and he wrote some things down on paper.  I think he is writing his prayers down.  He also signed the prayer request paper today, and I think he was writing about Daddy Shelby (whose arm is still in a cast) and also perhaps his own parents.  I had to run some errands so he got to see the dry cleaners where Kasey works, and the bank drive-thru.  My guess is that he has not been through a drive-thru before.  You should have seen his face when the tube shot the money from the building to our car. :)  Priceless!  We got a delivery today that had bubble wrap in it, and that entertained him for a while just popping the bubble wrap.  It is kind of addictive, isn't it?  Who can pop just one bubble?   He played some computer games this afternoon and is really getting better at using the laptop.  Also did pretty well at CCA today, we were stocking the toy store for Christmas and he was all about the bicycles and lining them up. 

We also received a very nice invitation to join Muljaty and her group of Indonesian friends for a Thanksgiving luncheon at a Catholic Church in Irving. ( Muljaty is the woman who was kind enough to interpret for us while we were at the hospital last week).  I really wish we could go, but we already have plans to be in Tulsa for Thanksgiving.  Perhaps another time we could visit her church and let Miduk meet some of the local Indonesian community.

All in all, another good day!

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