Monday, November 7, 2011

Fw: Santa

These are photos of my nephews in Oklahoma, Ben (9) and Jake (5).  My sister Susan took them
to see Santa at the mall this weekend, and sent me the following email:
Subject: Santa
Hi my family!
I took Ben and Jake to the mall today and they got to talk to Santa and have their pics taken....Santa asked each of them what they want for Christmas (Tracy I thought you would get a kick out of this)....
Jake to Santa: "I want a red Nintendo DS, a Nintendo DS Cars 2 Game, and some Squeankies."
Ben to Santa: "I just want the people in Indonesia to get lots of food and clothes for Christmas."
I wished I had a pic of the look on Santa's face!
I attached a few pics.

~hahaha, is that cute or what?  A 9 year old boy wanting the people of Indonesia to receive lots of clothes and food for Christmas! Goes to show you that Mikduk has already had an impact on all of us, and we haven't even met him yet! :) 

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