Sunday, November 6, 2011


Linley now has Miduk and Bryan (Indonesian interpreter and friend) in Singapore with her for the weekend.  She has introduced him to spaghetti and pizza and talked to him about what to expect in America.  We arranged a time to skype on the computer so we could see him and he could see us!  So at 9:00pm our Saturday night (and 10:00am Sunday morning in Singapore) we got to meet Miduk for the first time.  He was so cute and so shy and has the greatest smile.  Side note:  Linley says that Indonesians do not smile when their photograph is taken.  That's about to change!  We're going to give him something to smile about!!!  :)  We had emailed a note to him which Linley read to him and showed him the photos I sent of our family and our dog Sugar.  She said he smiled when he saw Sugar and smiled REALLY big when he saw a photo of Shelby with a big fish he had caught.  He says he loves to fish!  I was glad to hear he likes dogs; that has been a concern for me because we have a big dog (Weimaraner) who is my 3rd child and a huge part of our family. Linley assured us that although Miduk comes from a part of Indonesia that sometimes eat dogs, that Miduk does not. (phew!) Our plan is to keep his belly full and not let him get hungry! haha  Another thing she told us is that Miduk is not used to sleeping on a bed.  In his home they all sleep on the floor on woven mats.  He is used to rolling around when he sleeps and she said he fell off the bed!  We have a queen size bed for him and will  put pillows down the side so he doesn't fall out!  She also said they sleep with the light on (to keep the "ghosts" away).  But his house only has one lightbulb and she said it's not bright at all.  I'm thinking maybe a night light will work?  Or turning a lamp on for him.  Also she said he wakes up at 4:00AM!!!  I guess he is used to his parents and siblings getting up early to work in the fields.  They are farm laborers and work when they can (and get paid $4 per day if both parents work!) She told him we don't get up in the morning until the sun comes up, haha.  Linley also gave us some background on Miduk, saying his mom goes to church occasionally but that he never goes and never prays.  He told her he wants to pray more and be a "better person".  Let's see, what else?  That he will eat rice or noodles 3 meals a day, he even eats ramen noodles for breakfast!  I'm hoping he will like Eggo waffles!  Can't wait for him to try some of our western foods and see what he likes and what he doesn't.  I know that I will stock up on rice when I go to the grocery store!  :)
She also said he is excited but too!

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