Friday, November 18, 2011


Playing soccer with Ben


OK so nonstop whistling and popping bubble wrap is not so cute at 6:00am!!!  haha
you never know what you'll wake up to!  :)

Friday we made glazed pecans (Miduk likes pecans), ate lunch with Kasey at Chick-Fil-A,
and went on a wild goose chase at the DFW airport trying to locate Miduk's missing crutch.  AA confirmed they were holding the crutch but when I got there no one could put their hands on it!  So after about an hour we put in another request to find it and are crossing our fingers they can.....

Our neighbor Ben plays soccer on the Flower Mound High School soccer team.  He offered to let Miduk use his soccer goal which was so great.  He not only repaired it and carried it over to our backyard, but played a good game with Miduk which wore him out (Miduk, that is!)  then played with the bean bag toss.  I know Miduk gets tired of being with me all day - as fun as I am! haha I realize he needs to be with kids his own age.  While they were playing soccer I called out to Miduk,  "Miduk Lumbanraja!" just as I would say "Wesley Waychoff!" to get his attention, and he looked up and said "No, mom - Miduk WAYCHOFF!!!  HAHAHA  I reminded him he has parents and a family back home!  He is not an orphan and we are not adopting him! :)

Tonight while I was at bunco, Shelby took Miduk to Bass Pro Shop and met Kasey and her friend Peaches (Zach) there.  (His nickname is Peaches b/c he is from Georgia, but in front of Miduk we call him Zach so that Miduk doesn't wonder why we are calling him a fruit...)

Shelby said Miduk really enjoyed looking at the big aquariums and also the big stuffed animal "heads" hanging up.  There was no line to see Santa, so Kasey and Miduk had their photo made with him.  I'm not sure Miduk understands the "mall Santa" concept.  Kasey said he did not talk to Santa at all!

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