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I am in Sumatra heading to Jakarta in an hour and have some special prayer requests.

It was a very FULL day, ending at 1 a.m. last night (and beginning at 4 a.m. that morning).  I started my day by heading to Sumatra to pick up a boy who has a dislocated hip and needs treatment in the USA.  He has had this for 6 yrs and I have been waiting to find help for 
nearly 2 yrs.  I have a hospital in the USA who is willing to help him for free and I have a former Woodlands, Singapore family waiting to take him in and care for him while he is there.

I took the first flight of the day as I had a long drive to his house (3.5 - 4 hours).  When I arrived and was standing at the Immigration line, there was a young foreign boy ahead of me.  He looked a little lost (how many times have we seen that look and chosen to walk past).  I spoke to him and he was eager to talk.  It turned out he was from Finland and he had decided to take a 2 month trip to Sumatra "for adventure".  I asked where he was going and he seemed vague (and jet lagged).  I invited him for a coffee while I waited for my "Indonesian son and driver".  He quickly took that offer.  

I invited the 21 yr old young man, Aleksi, to join us for the day.... explaining that I was going to pick up Miduk and later visit 2 little girls in an orphanage.  He beamed at the chance.  As the day progressed he suddenly said "YOU ARE WHAT I WAS DREAMING OF."  (Ok.... now I could have been worried that the young man was crazy, but before he said that he had mentioned that he had been struggling with his faith and had had a falling out with his parents a few years ago because of their strict Lutheran religious views, but now things were fine.  His 7 yr old sister had died 4 years ago from cancer...... ).  He is one of 10 children.  Everyone has a story...... 

I had told him earlier when he asked about my NGO that I worked for GOD.  That I tried to follow where HE led and do what He asked.  
His desire has been to work with NGO's helping people.  

He took a lot of photos and was completely shocked at what he was seeing.... the families of 5 on a motorcycle without helmets on the children...... the bad traffic... becaks (motorcycles w/side cars)...... garbage.... beggars.... etc....  

What a blessing to have him with us.  Bryan (my Indonesian son) quickly took to him, as did our driver, Alfanso.  Friendships were formed and I know Aleksi will be well taken care of while he is in Sumatra.  

As we drove the long drive to Miduk's house, Bryan pointed out a school on the side of the road, filled with children and mentioned that this was Addy's school.  She is one of the little girls from the orphanage I wanted to stop at later.  I asked them to stop and quickly we were out of the car and in the play yard asking for Addy.  (Addy is a story in herself..... from a very bad situation and would never be in school at all had we not removed her and put her there.)  She came out of the classroom and JUST BEAMED when she saw me.... and
quickly we were hugging and kissing and all of the kids were asking her who this bule was that she knew!  We told her we would see her later and got back in the car for the "rest of the drive".  

Bryan took us to a well hidden restaurant in a town on the way... the absolute CLEANEST RESTAURANT I HAVE EVER SEEN IN INDONESIA!  No one was there except us.  Bryan has told me of this place for years, but I have never been there... its a very simple and inexpensive place.  (We eat on the streets or anywhere when we travel.)  The menu was very long...... but each item we ordered was "finished".... finally I started asking questions and discovered that they grow all of their vegetables and we could only get what was in season.  :)   I asked if I could go to the kitchen and see what was there.  I chose some lovely potatoes, onions and garlic and explained how to make my Dad's potatoes.... and sure enough, they came out great!  Not fried in oil.... everyone loved them and the cook and staff were so pleased they learned a new dish!!  Then on to Miduk's in the rain.

We arrived and as usual the house was filled with women from the village.... and lots of kids.  When we arrived, the men came... along with the village head.  Miduk looked nervous.... as we read each line of multiple pages of documents.... documents that were giving me legal guardianship over Miduk as we signed.  Documents that mentioned surgery possibilities...... mentioned death and autopsies... and even cremation..... it has to be overwhelming to hear all of the possibilities.... while knowing this is your son's hope.  Of course Miduk broke the seriousness of it all as we got ready to leave and "forgot to say goodbye to his Mom!"  (Such a typical teenager!!  hahahahah)   He got into the car between Aleksi and I and looked tearful, but was brave!

Next stop.. the orphanage in the jungle.... a tiny, dirty little house in the forrest.... up a path with several houses where prostitution occurs.  The woman at the orphanage is a 61 yr old "Catholic Sister of sorts".  She was a nun when she was young and then kicked out by "THE MEAN GIRLS" (yes, there are mean girl nuns too) because she would not be corrupt and participate in their games.... she refused to give up her calling and simply made her own habit (nun outfit) and has been helping people on her own since.  She only has my 2 little girls there now.. in that little house.  She had 3 teenage girls, but she sent them back to their parents as they were sneaking off and beginning to look for trouble. She has no helper and does the cooking, cleaning and laundry... and caring for the little girls (9 and 5).. they are sisters and I just moved the little one there in June.  Sr. Olysia works 1 day a week for the church (the Bishop saw her situation and knew her heart and has always helped, even providing this empty church house for her to use).  She is respected by 
the church..... though no one would step in back then.  SHe is THE MOST PATIENT AND LOVING WOMAN I KNOW!

On the way up the "ROAD" to the orphanage.... we ran off the road (which is bamboo poles and rocks over tiny streams) and our car was hanging over the edge..... NOT MY FIRST EXPERIENCE WITH THIS!  The driver was so stressed .... as he would certainly need to pay for any damage and would be beaten... I know his boss...... 

The driver jumped into the ditch ... mud, water and all.... in tears to examine the damage...... I had to pull him to get him out... assuring him I would pay for the damage, but afraid the car would fall on him.  

Last year I had 10 village men lift my car!  hahahahahah  I always tell them to park down and I will walk up the hill. but no driver listens!  :)

Soon the men came out.. and there we were in the rain, mud, dark.... and everyone grabbing rocks and wood to try to put under the car.... nothing was working.... ..... the driver getting more and more stressed...... the men gave up and stood there lighting cigarettes.  Aleksi asked what we could do..... and I said PRAY!  Very loudly.... louder than I had planned for sure, I said "JESUS, WE NEED YOU TO LIFT THIS CAR OUT."  Aleksi's eyes were big..... but he didn't say anything.  I could tell he was probably wondering if he had joined the day with a crazy American!  I gathered the man and asked them to try one more time.  AS OUR LORD IS..... TRULY AMAZING.... they simply lifted it out..... as if it were their first attempt and not their 10th!  Aleksi never said a word.. but I know these moments touch people!

Not 10 meters later we ran straight into another hole..... where the road had washed away... but it was impossible to see. THis time the front of the car went down and we heard the crushing of metal sound.... the driver was in a severe panic now!  We jumped out and again, he was in the ditch and covered in mud and standing in the stream as he examined the car...... I had to drag him out again!!  
The same men walked up the hill after they heard the sound and helped us again.... this time they were able to get us out without my shouting to Jesus..... who I knew was still there helping those men!

The front of the car was crushed in.... it was later than we planned... it was dark...... 

We finally arrived to the arms of those darling little girls who sang for us and hugged us and kissed us!  As we were getting back into the car I spoke to the driver and told him that I would pay for any repairs and not to worry..... and he took my hand and took me to the front of the car..... the crushed in bumper was smooth.... not even a crinkle..... he was BEAMING!  I went back twice to check.... After a short visit we were on the road again.... heading back to Medan where we needed/wanted to do passport photos for Miduk's visa.... and to get our photos done.  

On the way back we discussed our plans and I wanted to squeeze in a short stop to Jerry's house... another of my Indonesian son's.  I wanted to see his new baby who was just 1 month old yesterday.  Within minutes Jerry called and asked if we were coming and he told us he just got back from the doctor and his son has a serious liver/digestive problem.  We had not had dinner and I know they were all hungry as it was after 8 pm by this time.  We stopped near Jerry's house at a Pizza Hut (my check list to give Miduk some American food before he heads there on Monday if all goes well)...... so dinner and then to Jerry's at nearly 10 pm.

I entered and there was Ika, Jerry's wife..... looking totally exhausted..... holding a very yellow and tiny baby.  The baby has a liver problem that is so difficult to repair and impossible in Sumatra.  There have been 2 cases that were surgically corrected in Indonesia, but both babies died.  I was going to see my GRANDson.... and I cannot tell you how sad that moment was when I got there.  They had told me that he cried a lot and spit up after feeds.  THey had not told me that they had been going to the doctors 3 or 4 times a week and it was only yesterday that they found a good doctor.  He told them that the baby needs surgery and they should talk to their family.
He did not tell them that the chances of survival in INdonesia are probably zero.  They did have a scan of the liver done yesterday, though the report says the liver is normal.... though the doctor said this was not true.  I am bringing the scan with me to Singapore and hope to have Prof. Jacobsen to review it.  PLEASE PRAY.

If the diagnosis of this doctor is correct, Stevie will die a very painful and slow death..... 
He looks very ill...... and is weak but has a strong cry.  I had given them an infant seat a while back and they had not used it, but I 
showed them how to put him in it and he slept.  With his head up his liver is not pushing on his lungs..... 
Stevie did calm when I held him..... even when I touched his tiny abdomen.  He had a new bruise over his liver and a bump (maybe a 
fractured rib) . where they said the radiologist pushed hard on him to do the scan!  UGHHHH

We finally arrived at the "hotel" at 12 am.... and the economy rooms were gone so we had to take EXECUTIVE!  This only means that the cockroaches in the room are fed better!  I have never stayed here when I didn't see at least 6 cockroaches in the room when I entered..... this time I  had a catapillar and a centipede too!  I like the staff there though.... and I always forget to bring BAYGON!  hahahah!

What a day.... and up again this morning at 5 to start the journey to Jakarta.... where we have one day to prepare for the Emergency Visa appt for Miduk.  Its at 7 a.m tomorrow.... please PRAY FOR SUCCESS!  My plan is to get back to Singapore tomorrow night. because Stephen is leaving for the USA on Saturday at 6 a.m... to have a corneal transplant!  (HE WON'T LET ME GO WITH HIM!)

GOD IS SO GREAT... and I know he has a plan for each of those I encountered.... 

I am sending a photo of Aleksi with the girls (Addy and Faith)!  I know God probably brought Aleksi to a Muslim country to find his lost faith!!  

Blessings!  Linley

Arrived in Jakarta at 1 pm (a hour late).... met with a significant amount of traffic!  hahahahah
Running around with a boy on crutches.... also takes a significant amount of time...... hahahaha

This afternoon Jerry phoned to say that his baby was in the ER and later he called back to say he was in critical condition and 
in the ICU.  He passed away tonight.  Jerry phoned me sobbing.....really breaks my heart, but I feel so blessed to have been
able to see him last night.  Unfortunately he had a condition that could have been repaired if he had been in another country.

With sadness I go to sleep tonight... but also with hope for Miduk as he goes to his visa appt tomorrow morning at 7 a.m.
If all goes well.... and I am counting on it.... we will head to Singapore tomorrow night so i can see Stephen off!

Thank you all for your prayers.... Linley

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