Friday, November 25, 2011


This morning Kasey had us all up by 6:30am to head back to Flower Mound, as she was eager to get back and see her friend Christian who is home from USC for a few days.  She even had Miduk up and packed and ready to go!  Kinda funny since we have been dragging her out of bed at noon the past few days...  On the way home today, Kasey let Miduk listen to her Ipod and he was thrilled beyond words. He sang out loud and was really jamming in the backseat and giving Kasey high fives.  He also gasped when we passed a longhorn in a field! Time flies when you're having fun :)  After we got home and unpacked, I taught Miduk how to shuffle cards and we tried to build a card house.  Yesterday in Tulsa we taught him how to play UNO.  He went to the grocery store with Shelby and pointed out all the produce that they have in Indonesia.  Shelby said he was pretty wide-eyed just looking at everything.  This was his first trip to a grocery store, other than when we went to Sam's Club.  Later on I began dragging all the Christmas boxes out of the attic, and he helped me set up our nativity scene and decorate a small tree.  We also have a collection of "Santas around the World" from places we have traveled to, and he was pretty interested in looking at all of them.   Tonight Shelby grilled chicken satay with peanut sauce, asparagus, and steamed rice.  I am getting used to having the rice cooker on my kitchen counter on a daily basis :)  Miduk easily ate twice as much as I did for dinner tonight, and still had room for ice cream!  Can't wait for his next weigh-in!

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