Wednesday, November 23, 2011


On Tuesday we headed to LaFortune Park in an attempt to take some family photos for our Christmas Card. Sugar was clearly more interested in the squirrels! Let me just say that we took lots of photos, but unfortunately I can only post the horizontal ones, as I am still having trouble turning the vertical ones!  Even Shelby's sister Kelly, who is the smartest person I know, is stumped by not being able to turn the photos!  And it only seems to happen with my Nikon camera!  Guess I need to use my little point-and-shoot camera from now on.  Not that you really care, but I feel the need to explain.  I am not only computer challenged, but blog and camera challenged as well.  :)

Miduk says he has never been on a swing before!  But he seemed to know exactly what to do :)

We went to my sister Susan's house and Miduk had a lot of fun playing with my nephews Ben (9) and Jake (5).  Ben and Jake are big Lego fans, and Miduk went to work on building Legos.

 Ben and Miduk

Fishing on the pond behind Susan's house

Ben and Miduk jumping on the trampoline!  He LOVED it!

Miduk and Kasey
(wish I could turn the photo!)

At Coney Islander.  Miduk ate 3 chili cheese dogs on Monday and 3 chili dogs on Tuesday!  We're thinking he likes cheese now :)  Thinking maybe the lack of refrigeration in his house in Indonesia may be why he didn't like cheese before?

Trampoline, Legos, Coneys, watching Transformer movies, swinging at the park - LIFE IS GOOD!!!  Last night driving in the car (it was freezing outside), Miduk breathed on the inside of the car windows then drew a heart on the window and said I LOVE you Mom!  I LOVE you Dad!  I LOVE smile Kasey!!!  He loves Kasey's smile (she has dimples).  In fact, for the past two mornings in a row, he likes to watch her dry her hair and put on her makeup.  He just stands in the doorway and watches her.  When she is finished, he says, BEAUTIFUL!!!  He hugs Shelby's parents and tells them Thank You after dinner(and clears his plate). Our kids call them "Meme and Papaw".  Miduk calls them "Meme and Peepee", hahaha

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