Sunday, November 6, 2011

Fw: Update on Miduk and more prayers needed!

I am happy to report that Miduk had a sonogram of his heart and a chest x-ray which showed no enlargement of his heart!!!!!!

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Good Morning Friends!
Thanks to you, our fundraiser garage sale on Saturday was a huge success and we even exceeded our goal!  We are so very grateful
for all your donations, support and prayers. Thank you for your generosity and willingness to help a child of God whom we all have yet to meet!
If all goes as planned, we will be able to purchase insurance for Miduk and possibly a lightweight "Go-Go" mobility scooter to help him
get around while he is here. 
 As you know, bringing Miduk from Indonesia to Dallas has been a year long process with many setbacks and delays
along the way.  It probably won't come as a surprise to know that we are facing one more hurdle - the biggest one yet.  We have learned that there is a chance that Miduk might have an enlarged heart, which would prevent him from traveling.  You would think they would have already discovered something as crucial as that, but, keep in mind this is Indonesia and their healthcare is very limited and very poor, especially in the remote villages.  I want to share with you how this all came about, because I think it is what some might call a "God thing".  The woman in Singapore who has been arranging help for Miduk is Linley York, an American nurse who is a Christian and who is helping many Indonesian people on her own.  She is not a missionary and she is not associated with any non-profit organization. Linley had a dream last week in which she reports seeing Miduk flying on the airplane to Dallas and going into cardiac arrest, seeing other passengers perform CPR on Miduk, and told me she could see down into his chest
and that she saw that his heart was huge.  It was this dream that prompted her to do some follow-up, and in checking his past medical records, there was a chest x-ray done in the past when he was routinely checked for TB.  What do you think it showed?  An enlarged heart! At this time we are awaiting more tests to be done to determine if Miduk is fit for travel or if he has an undiagnosed heart condition.  A sonogram of his heart has been done and he is scheduled for a chest x-ray this Thursday.  We are hoping and praying that Miduk's heart is healthy, and that he will soon be on his way to Dallas, in time for his consultation with  Texas Scottish Rite on November 10.
Just wanted to give you an update and ask once again for your continued prayers for Miduk, and also for his parents who are so hopeful that
he will be able to make the trip.
I am thinking positive and I know that God will hear our prayers and that things will work out just fine for Miduk.  :)

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