Tuesday, November 8, 2011


 Miduk and Sugar resting

              Brushing Luther

 Mia and Miduk with Luther

 Miduk loves Boo the cat!

 Miduk riding the Go-Go scooter on our morning walk.  It was a balmy 71 degrees but he was cold, hence the jacket.  It does not get cold in Indonesia!  Let's hope it snows this winter for him!  :)

 Sugar and her new BFF!  She follows Miduk around the house, jumps on his bed, puts her head in his lap.  She had him feeding her his goldfish crackers in no time at all!

 Moving right along.  If he puts the scooter on the "hare" speed I have to jog to keep up!

 Miduk and Sugar taking their afternoon naps.  After lunch Miduk's eyes were so heavy, I know he is still feeling the effects of jetlag.  After all, there is a 14 hour time difference between Dallas and Indonesia.  I found him asleep on the floor in his room, with Sugar on the floor also.  Linley had told me he is used to sleeping on the floor so I just left him alone.

 Kasey's friend Kaitlyn came over tonight to meet Miduk and hang out. They were all upstairs laughing their heads off watching America's Funniest Home Videos.  :)  (yes, Miduk can climb up the stairs unassisted!)

The three of them took numerous photos on the laptop where they stretched their faces and bodies out.  It was hilarious and Miduk was enjoying every minute of it!

Gosh I hardly know where to start!  I feel like I have a new baby and I just want to document everything he does so I will remember it forever.  Let me just start by saying, we love him already!  He is so easy to be around and very polite.  Linley did a great job with the western training.  The toilet lid is down and he takes his plate to the kitchen sink.  I just might have to send Wes and Shelby her way......  This morning I kept peeking into his room and he was still asleep. Sugar was dying to go in and wake him up!  I had to make her get out of his bed last night so he could sleep, haha   He finally woke up around 8:30 and when I went in there I found that he had put the picture frame I had on his nightstand in the bed with him.  It has a photo of him with his mom and dad in it. Mom is Elisabeth and Dad is Sindon.  I was fully prepared to make Indomei noodles for him for breakfast, but thought I would offer Eggo waffles and he liked them!  He tasted a little syrup first, said GOOD! and dug right in.  I could not have been happier!  Wes went through a phase where that's pretty much all he would eat (waffles with peanut butter on them) and we called him Wesley Waffle Waychoff.  :)  At first Miduk didn't want to ride the scooter for our walk with Sugar and kept pointing to his crutch, but I convinced him we were going a long way.  I usually walk Sugar a couple of miles and knew he couldn't walk that far.  It took him a long time to put his tennis shoes and socks on.  My guess is maybe he hasn't had shoes that tie before?  We took my camera along and I took a few photos then showed Miduk how to use the camera and he took a couple of pictures too.  It was neat to be able to show him the pictures immediately and he liked that.  He did look at me like I was out of my mind when I used a plastic bag to pick up Sugar's poop and carried it the rest of the way home. :)  When we got home I pushed the button for the garage door to go down and motioned for him to follow me inside.  He just stared at the garage door until it went all the way down and smiled real big.  I then turned on the TV and found some cartoons and using google translator on the laptop told him I was going to take a shower.  I am not a TV person myself, and never turn it on during the day when I'm at home normally, so I hate to use TV as a babysitter -  but I reasoned that he just might learn some English by watching TV, plus I really wanted a shower!  I gave him some goldfish crackers and a bottle of water, just like I used to give my kids, and the next thing I knew he was feeding Sugar the crackers and said "Sugar like snacks"!!!hahahaha  Yep, Sugar has a new best friend!  The weather was nice so we went outside on the patio and I set up the bean bag toss.  He really seemed to like it and was actually very good at it!  He kept staring at the pool and putting his hands in the water and saying "COLD".  Linley told me he swims like a fish and had swam in her pool a few days ago.  Obviously her swimming pool was a lot warmer than mine today!  We might have to heat ours up and let him get in sometime.  Kasey came home and we had lunch together.  We had hotdogs, chips, and orange slices.  He ate it all and especially liked the ketchup. 
Up to this point I had only given him water to drink, and milk at breakfast.  Kasey had a coke and asked if he wanted one and his eyes just lit up!  COCA COLA!  He only drank half of it but seemed to enjoy it.  Again, using the laptop we talked about his family and found out he has a dog named Chocolate.  I opened the pantry and got out a chocolate candy bar left over from Halloween and said "You mean like this Chocolate?" and gave him a MINI size snickers bar.  Again those eyes got real big and he said "Thank you Mam or Mom," I couldn't tell which.  I know I need to watch it on not giving him a bunch of junk food because it might upset his stomach, but hey -coke and chocolate, what's better than that?  We had phone calls and texts and emails all day long from people wanting to know how Miduk is doing and what they can do to help.  I told Shelby you would think we were housing a celebrity or something!  Three phone calls came from people in the local Indonesian community with offers to help translate or help in any way, they want to come over and meet Miduk.  I put Miduk on the phone so he could talk to each of these people, and each time it was really neat to watch him and hear him talk in his native tongue.  I want him to have Indonesian people to talk to so that he doesn't get frustrated trying to communicate in English all the time.  He is learning so many new things, from words to how to do things it has to be exhausting for him.  He told Linley last weekend that "his head was too full" of information! hahaha  I know exactly how he feels!  After his nap this afternoon (I woke him up at 5:00!) we went with my neighbor Pamela to the horse stables where her 8 year old daughter Mia rides.  Miduk cautiously fed the horse a carrot and touched it on the nose, then we watched as Mia rode around the indoor arena.  Mostly Miduk busied himself with a black cat named Boo.  He picked it up and carried it around and loved on that cat and rubbed his face in her fur.  Too cute!  In the car on the way home I had the radio on and there was a Michael Jackson song on - he said "MICHAEL JACKSON!" and kind of did some head bobbing as I drove home. When I asked if he could dance or sing he got all shy and said no.  Pamela's son Ben made my day by finding a phone app that not only translates, but also does it audibly, so Miduk can read the words but also hear it in Bahasa.  I have a love/hate relationship with high-tech gadgets, but tonight I am loving my I-Phone!  Miduk attempted another shower, but this time I just (literally) had to jump in there and show him how the water is cold when the faucet is turned one way, and hot when it is turned another way.  I tried to get him to leave the water on continuously but he kept turning it off and on.  Off to soap up and on to rinse off.  I appreciate him conserving water, but BRRRR!  A couple of gummy vitamins later and he was in bed, lamp on for the night of course, arranging a multitude of pillows all around him so he wouldn't fall out of the bed.  He wrote in his journal, said his prayers, gave both Kasey and I a hug and told us he loved us.  WE LOVE HIM TOO!!!

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  1. This makes my heart happy! What a great way to start your lives together and what a lucky boy. We'll have to get him up on that horse eventually!